Background to Initiatives

The Kirin Group has taken concrete measures toward biological resources from an early stage, including announcing the Kirin Group Declaration of Support for Biodiversity Conservation in 2010, conducting risk surveys and assessments of biological resources in 2011, and announcing the Kirin Group Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Biological Resources in 2013. Agricultural raw materials often reflect the unique characteristics of the areas that produce them. We must maintain both a local perspective centered on our "dependence" on agricultural products produced in specific "places," as well as a global perspective centered on the fact that climate change has a significant impact on the yield and quality of agricultural raw materials. With our understanding of this background, in addition to scenario analysis based on the TCFD recommendations, we will develop a holistic approach by referring to the LEAP (Locate, Evaluate, Assess,Prepare) approach presented in the beta version of the TNFD Disclosure Framework.

  • We will create together A society that values susutainable biological resources Cultivate, expand and procure sustainable agricultural raw materials Stand by the side of farmers to make raw material production areas sustainable


  • We revised the Kirin Group Action Plan for the Sustainable Use of Biological Resources to add coffee beans and soybeans as important materials
  • The Kirin Group supports 94 tea farms, equivalent to approximately 30% of all large estates in Sri Lanka that have received Rainforest Alliance certification. We began sales of year-round products that use tea leaves from certified farms
  • We expanded our support for the acquisition of Rainforest Alliance certification to coffee farms in Vietnam. 309 small farms trained to transition to new certification standards
  • We maintained the use of FSC-certified paper or recycled paper for 100% of office paper used in the Japan Alcohol and Non-alcoholic Beverages Businesses
  • We participated in the Corporate Engagement Program of the Science Based Targets Network and “The TNFD Forum” of the Taskforce on Nature-related Financial Disclosures, thereby participating in setting targets and creating rules for disclosure related to the use of natural capital

Overview of initiatives

  • Overview of initiatives

Risk research

  • 図:生物資源のマテリアリティ分析


  • グラフ:達成状況

*All information above is as of the end of June 2022.