Sustainable use of water resourcesWastewater

Wastewater treatment

In the Kirin Group, we purify the water that we have finished using to voluntary standards that are stricter than those required by law, before we release it into rivers and sewers.
Breweries and plants in basin areas with strict wastewater standards remove phosphorus and solids by anaerobic and aerobic treatment followed by pressure flotation. We reuse excess sludge discharged from aerobic and pressure flotation treatment as fertilizer and soil conditioner. The Kirin Group discharges clean water into the ocean, rivers, and sewers in consideration of the aquatic ecosystem.

  • Wastewater treatment system

Wastewater biogas

In our breweries, we have introduced anaerobic treatment facilities to purify the wastewater generated by the production process. Unlike conventional aerobic treatment, anaerobic treatment does not require electricity for aeration. Also, the anaerobic microorganisms generate biogas as a by-product of the treatment process. This biogas, the main component of which is methane, can be utilized in biogas boilers and cogeneration systems. Derived from plant-based raw materials such as malt, biogas is a renewable energy and a CO2-free fuel.

  • Anaerobic treatment mechanism

Environmental protection activities in basin regions around production plants

At the various production plants of the Kirin Group, we are conducting a range of environmental protection activities, particularly riverside clean-up activities in cooperation with local governments and NGOs.
The Kirin Brewery’s Yokohama Plant, in cooperation with an NPO, Tsurumi River Basin Networking, continues to conduct beautification campaigns at nearby Tsurumi River, Living Species Observation Events, and other events.
At our breweries and plants, including those of Kirin Brewery, Kirin Beverage, Mercian, Kyowa Kirin, and KOIWAI DAIRY PRODUCTS, we are also engaged in local environmental beautification and environmental protection activities, focusing on the rivers they draw water from and other nearby rivers.
In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, a considerable number of our plants canceled river and beach clean-up activities in 2021. In April and November, however, the Kirin Brewery’s Chitose Plant took part in coastal clean-up activities along the Chitose River, while the Mercian Yatsushiro Plant did the same along the Harima River in November.

Coastal clean-up activities

In 2021, we canceled coastal clean-up activities as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, but employees of Mercian’s Fujisawa Plant and their families participated in clean-up activities on the Katase Coast in Fujisawa.
At the Kyowa Hakko Bio Yamaguchi Production Center, employees performed clean-up activities in the waters off Hyakken, a port facility where chemicals and glucose solutions are unloaded.

  • Clean-up activities off Hyakken

*The above information is reprinted from the Kirin Group Environmental Report 2022 and is current as of June 30, 2022.