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Background to Initiatives

Water is not only an essential raw material for the Kirin Group, but is also an indispensable resource for cleaning our production facilities, etc. The Kirin Group has large businesses in both Japan, where water stress is low, and Australia, which has experienced severe water shortages many times in the past. We have been empirically aware from early on that water risks and water stress vary greatly between countries and regions. Since 2014, we have been quantitatively assessing water risk and stress using surveys, and have taken measures to conserve water tailored to water stress at each business site. We are also conducting a scenario analysis based on the TCFD recommendations to study and identify water risks in areas producing agricultural raw materials, and testing countermeasures in areas where we can implement such measures. Looking ahead, we plan not simply to conserve water, but also to identify our impact on the natural capital of basins as a whole and set targets to enable us to reduce our impact.

  • We will create together, A society that values sustainable water resources, Bring water, used as a raw material, to a sustainable state, Solve issues with water in a way that suits the characteristics of basin regions where our business bases are located


  • We had completed the conservation of water sources at 12 locations in tea farms in Sri Lanka as of the end of 2021, and we are currently implementing conservation activities at 2 more locations.
  • We are participating in the Corporate Engagement Program held by the Science Based Targets Network to develop scientific approaches and rules for setting targets related to water resources.
  • In our third group-wide water risk survey, we reaffirmed that water stress is high in Australia and Thailand, and that water risk is high in China, Australia, and Japan.

Overview of initiatives

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Risk research

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*All of the above information is as of the end of June 2022.