Water sources

Activities to protect the blessings of water

Our Water Source Forestation Activities, which began as an activity to protect the water sources of our manufacturing plants, began in the forest of the Tanzawa district of Kanagawa Prefecture, which is the water source for Kirin Brewery Yokohama Plant in 1999. This initiative, which was a pioneering initiative in the industry, has since been adopted in 12 locations across Japan. Under medium and long-term agreements with
the local governments and other relevant parties that manage the water source forests, the program includes tree planting, undergrowth cutting, pruning, and thinning. Today, many of the forests are bright, luxuriant forests. In some locations, some of our customers have volunteered to take part in the activities. In 2019, 1,192 people took part in activities for a total of 15 times.

  • Kirin Kiso-river water source forest

Special tour to encounter forests and water

Kirin Distillery has conducted a special tour, called “Water and Forests Classroom” twice a year or so since 2014, in conjunction with the magazine, Randonnée. This initiative gives participants the opportunity to develop a better understanding about the forests and water.

Voices of Stakeholder

Forest creation consists of planting, protection and nurturing, and taking advantage of resources. Teaching people who live in cities about forests through cutting work, and giving them hands-on experiences of making things from the thinned wood - all of these things lead to forest creation. We work with the Kirin Group on the Water and Forests Classroom, a reader-participation activity sponsored by Randonnée magazine, and other activities. With the aim of forest creation that anyone can participate in, we will continue to cooperate with the Kirin Group in the pursuit of our activities.

Tsuchi ni Kaeru Ki Forestation Society (NPO)

Kirin’s forest across the country

  • Kirin’s forest across the country

Actual records of Water Source Forestation Activities in FY2019

Number of implementationsNumber of participantsLocations
15 1,192 11