Overcoming climate changeRE100: Aiming for 100% of electric power used to come from renewable energy

Joining RE100 and 100% of electric power used to come from renewable energy

In November 2020, Kirin Holdings joined“RE100,” an international environmental initiative consisting of companies aiming to use renewable energy for 100% of their electric power. At the same time, we announced that we would aim to increase the proportion of renewable energy in electric power used to 100% by 2040. We are actively promoting specific initiatives such as moving to 100% renewable energy for all purchased electric power at the Kirin Brewery’s Nagoya Plant, the use of solar power via aPPA model at four breweries in Japan, and the use of hydroelectric power.

  • Joining RE100 and 100% of electric power used to come from renewable energy

100% renewable energy for all electric power purchased at Kirin Brewery's Nagoya Plant

In the summer of 2021, Kirin Brewery’s Nagoya Plant will move to 100% renewable energy for all electric power purchased, marking our first step toward achieving RE100. With this move, GHG emissions from purchased electric power will be zero, and we expect to reduce GHG emissions by 7,400 tons per year.
We will achieve this by purchasing power with environmental value (non-fossil fuel energy certificates with tracking information) generated at a renewable energy power plant(solar power generation) financed and operated by MitsubishiCorporation Energy Solutions Ltd.

Solar power generation using PPA model at four breweries in Japan

At Kirin Brewery’s Sendai, Nagoya, Shiga, and Kobe Plants (four plants) we began introducing solar power generation based on the PPA (Power Purchase Agreement) model in 2021. As a result, Kirin Brewery will be able to reduce its GHG emissions by approximately 4,500 tons per year and increase the ratio of renewable energy from solar power across Kirin Brewery as a whole to approximately 22% from approximately 18%.MCKB Energy Service Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of MitsubishiCorporation Energy Solutions Ltd., will act as a PPA provider, installing megawatt-class solar power generation facilities on the roofs of the four breweries, while Kirin Brewery will purchase and use the power generated.

Hydro-electric power generation

Since April 2017, Kirin Brewery’s Toride Plant and Kirin Beverage’s Shonan Plant started using GHG-free hydro-electric power in a portion of purchased power. The plants are taking advantage of Aqua Premium, the Japan-first option offered by TEPCO Energy Partner to supply only hydroelectric power.
By using hydro-electric power, which does not emit GHGs at the time of power generation, they will contribute to global warming countermeasures. This is the first example of the use of this option by any plant in Japan, not just in the food and beverages industry.
In January 2020, Kyowa Kirin’s Takasaki Plant began using GHG-free hydro-electric power, for the first time in the pharmaceuticals production business.

  • Kirin Beverage Shonan Plant

  • Kirin Brewery Toride Plant