Overcoming climate changeProduction

Fuel shift and cogeneration

A significant proportion of the fuel we use at breweries is used in the boilers that generate steam. At all Kirin Brewery and Kirin Beverage plants, we have completed the shift to natural gas, which generates less CO2 than heavy oil. We have achieved more efficient boiler operations through the installation of highly efficient small boilers in line with the fuel shift. We have introduced cogeneration systems to provide some of the plants’ heat and electricity.

Refrigeration systems

At Kirin Brewery, we reduce energy consumption through improving the efficiency of refrigerating systems. We are introducing a cascade refrigeration system, which cools in phases in a process that involves a considerable temperature difference, and making operational improvements.

Improving the efficiency of refrigeration systems

Construction of highly efficient production facilities at Myanmar Brewery

To meet skyrocketing demand, Myanmar Brewery has made major expansions at its brewing and filling facilities. Its high-efficiency 100,000 kl line started operation in the beginning of 2018. Kirin Holdings has allocated skilled engineers to the Myanmar business. They collaborate with Kirin Engineering, one of our group companies, which provides engineering services to the food industry and has a good reputation for its high quality of work such as entire design of new facilities, selection of equipment, installation, and tuning. Kirin Holdings utilizes this engineering experience and expertise to support Myanmar Brewery.
Currently, with the rapid economic development in Myanmar, there are concerns about tightening of the energy supply-demand balance in the future.
Contributing to solve this social issue, we are reducing energy consumption in our production processes by taking advantage of the Japanese Government’s Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM) financial assistance scheme to introduce the latest energy-saving equipment with a track record in the domestic business. In March 2020, we began operating biogas boilers.

Installed energy-saving equipment