Overcoming climate changeOverview

Background to initiatives

The Kirin Group was one of two companies that represented Japan when we announced our environmental measures to the world at the third session of the Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change in Kyoto in 1997. The Kirin Group has long been working to reduce GHG emissions. We have achieved significant reductions, having set an ambitious target of “reducing GHG emissions across the entire value chain by half from the 1990 level by 2050” in 2009. Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, we have been leading the way in creating a decarbonized society, having gained a renewed understanding of our impact on natural capital such as agricultural raw materials and water through scenario analysis based on the TCFD recommendations, set science-based targets for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions, and pledged our aim to switch to 100% renewable energy for electric power used by 2040 and achieve net zero GHG emissions by 2050.

  • We will create together, A society that has overcome climate change, ReaIize net zero GHG emissions across the entire value chain, Lead to build a decarbonized society


  • Having obtained approval for the science-based 1.5℃ target, raised our target for reducing GHG emissions to 50% across Scope 1 + 2, and 30% for Scope 3 (both by 2030, compared with 2019).
  • Our long-term target to achieve net zero GHG emissions across the entire value chain by 2050 received certification as a science-based net zero target (the first in the global food and beverage industry).
  • Joined RE100 and set a target for the proportion of renewable energy in electric power used (100% by 2040).
  • Expanded the introduction of heat pump systems from wastewater treatment plants to production processes to further promote energy conservation.
  • Moved to renewable energy for 100% of electric power purchased at two Kirin Brewery plants. Installed large-scale solar power generation facilities at all nine breweries and plants in Japan (of these, eight breweries and plants introduced the PPA model).

Overview of initiatives

  • Figure: Overview of initiatives


  • Graph: Total emissions targets for Scope 1 and Scope 2*, Scope 3 emissions target*


  • Graph: GHG emissions across the whole value chain

  • Graph: Progress towards medium-term GHG emissions reduction targets Total emissions for Scope 1 and Scope 2 Scope 3 emissions

  • Graph: Ratio of renewable energy to total electric power used in the Kirin Group as a whole

*All of the above information is as of the end of June 2022.