1.1 Supporting self-care for healthy people and people with pre-disease

Our Commitment

Kirin Group will help consumers manage their daily energy (calories/kilojoules) and nutrient intake by providing a balanced portfolio of products and information, supporting them in addressing obesity and other major non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Our Approach

To reduce the proliferation of NCDs, we will create a portfolio of products that contribute to the health of our customers, including products with low-sugar, no- sugar, and low-calorie content, in addition to products with positive health effects.

SDGs Target
  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Our Achievement

1) Development and expansion of sales of no- and low-sugar, low-calorie products and products with positive health effects.
2) Development and expansion of sales of products containing ingredients proven to have health functions.
*Kirin Beverage Company, Limited, Koiwai Dairy Products Company

Goals for 2021

Kirin Beverage

1) 115 % (compared with 2018)

2) 115 % (compared with 2018)

Koiwai Dairy Products

1+2) Ratio of over 50 %


As a company providing beverages essential within daily life, we want consumers to "enjoy a delicious dietary lifestyle regardless of age".
We are working to expand the lineup of "Sugar-free and low-sugar products" and "Products with positive health effects" in order to better enable customers to control their daily energy and nutrient intake.

Sugar-free and low-sugar products

We are working to develop and increase sales of products that contribute to improved health, including products with low-sugar, no-sugar, and low-calorie content.
It is also possible to search for products using the product characteristics such as "low calorie and zero calories" and "caffeine-free". (Soft drinks)

Products with positive health effects

We are working to develop and increase sales of products that use ingredients with evidence-based health function.
It is also possible to search for products using the product characteristics, such as "TOKUHO", "Food with functional claims" and "protects against heat stroke". (Soft drinks)


Contributing to healthy and pleasurable lives by developing a variety of non-alcoholic beers

Alcoholic beverages bring joy and pleasurable times to many people’s lives. For some people, however, drinking alcohol can be problematic for health-related or other reasons. The Kirin Group recognizes that it has a responsibility as an alcoholic beverage producer to help eliminate any harmful consumption of alcoholic products. Accordingly, the Group works together with communities and organizations around the world to eradicate and prevent alcohol-related problems. For example, the Group carries out educational programs on responsible drinking and proper drinking etiquette, sets and complies with strict and voluntary industry standards for advertising and marketing alcoholic products, and actively takes part in industry-wide initiatives in many countries of the world.

Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma Stars in New Products

An aging population and increased interest in wellness are driving demand for health-supporting foods that fit people's lifestyles. In response, we have formed a group-wide joint research team to leverage our experience and expertise in biotechnology and fermentation. Based on its scientific studies, this joint R&D team applies its findings to the development of food products for healthy living.