1.2a Creating new value for healthy people and people with pre-disease

Our Commitment

Kirin Group will contribute to enhancing customers’ quality of life throughout their lifetime, and strive to create revolutionary products, services, and new businesses.

Our Approach

  • In anticipation of a diversifying set of health needs, we will propose methods to utilize Group assets, which include ingredients with scientifically proven positive health effects (such as Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma)
  • We will continuously create ingredients with positive health effects and thereby create new value by deepening our research through collaboration with academic institutions in Japan and overseas.
SDGs Target
  • GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure
  • GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal
Our Achievement

Number of countries capable of purchasing Kirin-made ingredients with positive health effects (and total population)
*Kirin Holdings

Goals for 2021

5 countries (roughly 650 million people)


Research and Development at Kirin

Contributing to health and well-being through the strengths in fermentation and biotechnology

Leveraging the fermentation technology and biotechnology developed through beer brewing, we are working to research and commercialize ingredients that support immune and brain function with the aim of further enabling self-care for pre-disease and disease prevention.

First in Japan to receive approval as a food with functional claims for immunity

iMUSE is the culmination of 35 years of our immunological research. Based on our belief in the inherent power of the human immune function, we are working to create a healthy, positive daily life for people around the world.

Launch of the world's first β-lactolin (beta-lactolin) series of food with functional claims

Through the development of products using β-lactolin, a proprietary ingredient realized from Kirin's research into brain function that helps maintain memory (cued recall), we will work to solve the social issues.


Leveraging technological assets to provide functional ingredients that contribute to health

The Kirin Group has expanded its alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage businesses in the food industry and its pharmaceuticals business in the healthcare industry. Leveraging synergies in these two business areas, the Group has launched a new business “bridging pharmaceuticals and food & beverages” in an effort to create new value. Recognizing that healthcare needs are not being fully met by current medical and food products, the Group is aiming to establish this new business a pillar of its continuous growth.

Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma Stars in New Products

An aging population and increased interest in wellness are driving demand for health-supporting foods that fit people's lifestyles. In response, we have formed a group-wide joint research team to leverage our experience and expertise in biotechnology and fermentation. Based on its scientific studies, this joint R&D team applies its findings to the development of food products for healthy living.