Contributing to People's Health Through Our Strengths in Fermentation and Biotechnology

Rising health care costs are a major issue for aging societies. To support self-care for preventing disease and inhibiting disease progression, we are using the fermentation expertise and biotechnology we have developed through beer production toward research and the commercialization of substances that support immune function and brain function.

Support for Immune Function

In 1988, Kirin helped to establish the La Jolla Institute for Immunology in the United States, one of the world’s leading immunology research institutes. During the more than 30 years since then, Kirin has conducted its own immunology research as well.

Support for Brain Function

Unique ingredients derived by Kirin from milk and hops have been found to be effective at improving cognitive function. Furthermore, Kyowa Hakko Bio, a group company, holds about half of the global market share for citicoline, which is used as a therapeutic drug for dementia and similar diseases in Japan and the EU, and as a supplement for improving brain function in the US.

Immunology Research: Lactic Acid Bacteria

Kirin is collaborating with Koiwai Dairy Products, which specializes in lactic acid bacteria, and with Kyowa Hakko Bio, which has used its fermentation technology to create health ingredients, to research lactic acid bacteria for its immunity-boosting effects, based on the technologies that Kirin has developed through beer production.

The Discovery of the World’s First Lactic Acid Bacteria That Activates pDCs (Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells), the Immune System’s Control Tower

Plasma from the Lactococcus lactis, Lactic Acid Bacteria

  • This is the only published lactic acid bacteria to have been confirmed to directly activate plasmacytoid dendritic cells, one of the immune system’s control towers, in humans.
    (as of November 15, 2019, according to a study by Kirin Holdings)

The Discovery of a Lactic Acid Bacteria That Can Regulate Immune System Balance and Reduce Eye Fatigue and Allergy Symptoms

Brain Research

Dementia is a major social issue for aging societies.
Recent studies have made it clear that lifestyle improvements can prevent and inhibit the progression of disease and extend the healthy lifespan of the brain.

The Discovery of Beta-Lactopeptide, a Functional Ingredient That Improves Cognitive Function

Beta-lactopeptide was discovered in cheese that had been fermented and aged.
It has been shown to activate brain function by acting on the cells and neural circuits of the brain.

Aged Hops

Aged hops have been found to have the effect of improving brain function and reducing body fat.