Drivers for innovations

  • Core-technology
    that assures
    value creation
  • Consumer
  • ICT
    value creation
  • Diversity and
    culture for

The Kirin Group’s competitive advantages stem from four of our drivers which are organizational capabilities: (1) core-technology that assures value creation; (2) consumer-centric marketing expertise; (3) ICT that accelerates value creation; and (4) diversity and inclusion, and culture for innovation. Enhancement of these four capabilities drives our innovations to resolve social issues. Our recent innovations that address pressing social issues include the world-first beer-tasting beverage with zero alcohol content, carton boxes made with less material without sacrificing sturdiness, and a novel way to remove caffeine from beverages.
We reinvest economic value gained from our business activities in improving these drivers, which will in turn drive the next round of innovation.

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Value Creation Story

The Kirin appears as a prelude to joyous times to come

Kirin Group is working to solve a wide range of social issues around the world.
The following introduces the "value creation" story from the perspective of several fields.