Kirin Group gives value back to the society it serves

  • Social
    CSV Purpose
  • Economic
    Maximized cash flows
  • Health and Well-being
  • The Environment
  • Community Engagement
  • A Responsible
    Alcohol Producer

Our business activities create social and economic value. We use social value to fulfill our CSV Purpose by addressing social issues, and economic value to maximize our free cashflow. Some of the economic value is used to reinvest in enhancing our drivers to generate additional innovations that drive the next round of business growth. These factors continue in an endless cycle that continuously increases the value of both, which in turn will help achieve a better society and maximize the Group’s enterprise value.

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Value Creation Story

The Kirin appears as a prelude to joyous times to come

Kirin Group is working to solve a wide range of social issues around the world.
The following introduces the "value creation" story from the perspective of several fields.