Corporate Slogan

Joy brings us together

Corporate Slogan

Joy brings us together

Corporate Slogan

Joy brings us together

Corporate Slogan

Joy brings us together

Corporate Slogan Joy brings us together

Value Creation Model

Enhancing economic and social value with the concept “CSV” positioned at the heart of all management

KIRIN brings joy to society by crafting food and healthcare products
inspired by the blessings of nature and the insights of our customers.


Guiding principles aimed at sustainable growth and creating value together with people across society.

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  • Health
    and well-being

    Raise the number of healthy people, lower the number of sick people, and contribute to the people who are involved in the healthcare
  • Community

    Create more opportunities for customers to spend time with their families and friends, and develop the communities within our supply chain
  • The

    Enrich the sustainable Earth for future generations through positive impact
  • Responsible
    Alcohol Producer

    Make steady progress toward eradicating the harmful use of alcohol in all countries of operation (Zero Harmful Drinking)

Sustainable Development Goals

Medium- to long-term action plan for each business unit, intended to realize CSV Purpose


Enhancing group management, Kirin Group gives back to the society.

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  • Social
    Realized CSV Purpose
  • Economic
    Maximized cash flows


Driving innovation that enable our businesses to help society around the world settle the issues

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  • Providing products
    and services to
    build bonds
    between people
  • Providing products
    and services to
    people’s quality of life
  • Continually
    new drugs


Kirin Group is activating business synergies to approach social issues as opportunities for business growth

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  • Food &

    (alcoholic and

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Health Science


Foundations for driving innovations

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  • Core technology
    that assures
    value creation
  • Consumer
  • ICT
    value creation
  • Diversity and
    culture for

Value Creation Story

The Kirin appears as a prelude to joyous times to come

Kirin Group is working to solve a wide range of social issues around the world.
The following introduces the "value creation" story from the perspective of several fields.

Quality Initiatives

We make every effort to ensure product safety and maintain high levels
of customer satisfaction, which reflects our founding philosophy of
being customer-first and quality-focused

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Key Figures

Key non-financial performance indicators

  • Reduction ratio of GHG emission
    CSV Commitment
    (Scope 1 and 2)

    7.8 % (compared with 2019)

    2030 Target → 50 % (compared with 2019)

  • Corporate brand value

    $2,236 million

    2021 Target → $2,200 million
    (Achieved one year ahead )

    *Use the evaluation of the Kirin brand value in the Brand Ranking created/ released every year by Interbrand Japan

  • Employee engagement score

    73 %

    2021 Target → 72 %
    (Achieved one year ahead )


Key financial performance indicators

  • Normalized Operating Profit

    ¥162.1 billion

    2021 Target → ¥170.0 billion

  • ROIC

    6.0 %

    2021 Target → 6.5 %

  • Normalized EPS


    2021 Target → ¥148

Results in 2020

Investor Relations

Joy brings us together KIRIN