Kirin Group Web Accessibility Policy

June 10, 2024

Based on the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy (enacted: February 9, 2018, revised: October 16, 2023), the Kirin Group is working to ensure and improve web accessibility in order to respect the human rights of all stakeholders, commit to satisfying consumers and providing safe and secure products and services, and promote access to products and services that take into account consumers’ attributes and other factors.


Each website* of the Kirin Group is subject to this policy.
Among them, we are proceeding with the application from the website described below.

  • Websites owned by consolidated subsidiaries of Kirin Holdings Company in Japan.

We will continue to improve accessibility as much as possible within that is not covered, but if you cannot confirm the content due to accessibility issues, please contact us separately.

Target level of conformance and degree of compliance

Compliant with WCAG 2.2 conformance level AA.
For videos, we are first working on the addition of subtitles, which is the success criterion for A, and we will proceed with audio descriptions and live captions necessary to meet the success criterion of AA to the extent possible.

  • The notation "compliant" in this policy is in accordance with the notation stipulated in the "JIS X 8341-3:2016 Compliance Notation Guidelines for Web Content - April 2021 Edition" by the Web Accessibility Infrastructure Committee of the Information and Communications Access Council.


Please contact us by selecting “Other” in the subject field on the General Inquiry form.