Medium- to Long-term Outlook

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Kyowa Kirin; New Vision toward 2030

Kyowa Kirin will realize the successful creation and delivery of life-changing value that ultimately makes people smile, as a Japan-based Global Specialty Pharmaceutical company built on the diverse team of experts with shared passion for innovation.

  • Make patients smile through dramatic improvements in quality of life by identifying the unmet medical needs of people batting with medical conditions and by creating and supplying new drugs or services that help them overcome those challenges.


Drive rapid growth

  • Maximize the value of global products
  • Establish framework to ensure stable global supplies
  • Build a drug pipeline to drive growth beyond 2025
  • Launch services that go beyond pharmaceuticals
  • Foster a corporate culture suited to global business development


Strategies of Kyowa Kirin

  • 2021-2025年中期経営計画の概要

Market environment

The worldwide COVID-19 pandemic had a major impact on the business environment, and the restricted business activities along with the refrained personal visits to medical institutions affected the pharmaceuticals market. Conditions in the Japanese pharmaceuticals market also remained harsh. Amid the overall trends of a declining birthrate and aging society, the government is seeking to preserve the public health insurance system by reducing medical expenses, promoting the use of generic drugs, and annually reviewing official drug prices.
At the same time, awareness of unmet medical needs, including the urgent need for infectious
disease control, continues to drive efforts worldwide to develop groundbreaking new medicines. The environment makes it essential for R&D-driven pharmaceuticals companies to respond swiftly the changing conditions, including broadening its business reach to the global arena.

Kyowa Kirin’s five-year medium-term management plan started in 2016 is aimed at transforming it into a global specialty pharmaceuticals company by maximizing the value of its three global strategic products, strengthening its global governance, and pursuing R&D for growth in the future.
Although the COVID-19 pandemic affected its performance in 2020, the company made steady progress with its three global strategic products. Crysvita was approved for additional indications in the United States for use in tumor-induced osteomalacia and in Europe for use in older adolescents and adults with the disease X-linked hypophosphataemia. Poteligeo debuted in Europe with the sales launch in June in Germany. And an application of approval for use of KW-6002 (marketed in Japan as Nouriast, and in the U.S. as Nourianz) as an adjunctive therapy for Parkinson’s disease was accepted in Europe.
Management is readying a new five-year medium-term management plan to begin in 2021 that will further strengthen Kyowa Kirin’s foundation as a global specialty pharmaceuticals company originating in Japan and set the company on course for further growth. The company will continue delivering global strategic products to the world and advancing research and development of new drugs to meet unmet medical needs and respond to new medical needs centered on the patient.
The Kyowa Kirin Group is pursuing advances in life science and technology, earning the trust of society by creating new value, and promoting CSV management that contributes to the health and well-being of people around the world.

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Developing unique pharmaceuticals to bring relief to patients around the world

In accordance with its CSV Commitment in the field of health and well-being, the Kirin Group is working to continuously create ground-breaking new drugs and promote advancements in medical treatments. In line with that commitment, Kyowa Kirin has set the goal of marketing at least three new independently developed pharmaceutical products in over 50 countries.

Improving quality of life of patients around the world

The corporate philosophy of Kyowa Kirin, which conducts the Kirin Group’s medical business, is to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world by creating new value through the pursuit of advances in life sciences and technologies. Under this philosophy, we are focusing research and development efforts on the four key areas of nephrology, oncology, immunology/allergy, and the central nervous system leveraging our cutting-edge biotechnology anchored in antibody technology.

Pharmaceuticals for Worldwide Markets

Kyowa Hakko Kirin Group provides high-quality products and services in the pharmaceutical and biochemical fields to contribute to the health and well-being of people around the world.
At the Group's core is Kyowa Hakko Kirin (KHK), a rapidly evolving global specialty pharmaceutical company (GSP). KHK develops innovative ethical drugs, driven by state-of-the-art biotechnologies, focusing on nephrology, oncology, immunology/allergy, and neurology. Our clinical pipeline and product portfolio contain four main modalities: next-generation therapeutic antibodies, new types of small molecule drugs, nucleic acid drugs, and regenerative therapeutics.

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