Foundations for driving innovations The four drivers which are organizational capabilities and core competencies Foundations for driving innovations The four drivers which are organizational capabilities and core competencies

Strengths of Kirin Group

The four drivers which are organizational capabilities and core competencies of human resources, ICT, marketing and technologies centered on fermentation and biotechnology support the growth of Kirin Group.

These four drivers form the foundation for driving innovations within the Food & Beverages, Health Science and Pharmaceuticals domains. Kirin Group is working to create a cycle in which economic and social value are created through the provision of products and services in each domain, the economic value obtained is reinvestment in each driver to fuel further growth and the drivers are further strengthened.

Through this cycle of value creation, Kirin Group will aim to further increase social and economic value and realize sustainable growth together with society.

図:キリングループの強み 図:キリングループの強み

Core technology that assures value creation

Kirin’s technological capabilities originated from beer brewing.
In order to brew delicious beer and deliver that beer to customers, dedication and craftsmanship were shown for the raw ingredients, brewing techniques, containers and packaging, and this led to the start of R&D into fermentation, biotechnology, packaging and engineering.
These made it possible to expand into new business domains and evolve beyond beer brewing along with providing products and services that meet the needs of society, leading to the unique business portfolio of Kirin Group today, and they will continue to forever contribute to the creation of innovation and synergies.

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Consumer centric marketing expertise

  • In order to respond to the changing demands of society and consumers, it is necessary to continue providing products and services consumers can empathize with. Achieving this requires marketing that puts the consumer first and uncovers their potential needs and wants. Through marketing that uses the consumer as the criteria for decision making, Kirin Group is working to further strengthen the driver by transforming into an organization that fosters the brands across the divisions.

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ICT accelerating value creation

  • In today’s uncertain world, the power of digital will become increasingly important. Within business, the domains that utilize ICT continue to expand and evolve, and it is impossible for corporate activities to grow in modern society without DX. At Kirin Group, DX is defined as the transformation of processes aimed at resolving business or social issues and creating new value, and the efforts to realize results are being accelerated.

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Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation

  • By fully leveraging the strength of each and every employee with limitless potential and a desire to continue growing and developing, Kirin Group will create an even more solid foundation for generating innovations. To achieve this, the relationship between the company and employees has been defined as “equal partnership through the work”, and efforts are being made to hire and foster diverse personnel and create a corporate culture in which that diversity is utilized as an asset.

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Financial strategy for strengthening the drivers

As the market environment and consumer needs continuously change, the drivers must also continuously be evolved in order to remain strengths. The economic value obtained from the business activities will be reinvested in the four drivers, leading to further innovations.

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Value Creation Story

The Kirin appears as a prelude to joyous times to come

Kirin Group is working to solve a wide range of social issues around the world.
The following introduces the "value creation" story from the perspective of several fields.

Value Creation Model