Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation

Message from the CHRO

Realizing innovation through diverse human capital and organizational culture

In recent years, the environment surrounding business management has drastically changed with its pace accelerating as well. This is the age of volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA), no less. Amid an environment for which there is no correct answer and which is unpredictable, the global society, as a whole, faces a major watershed moment. Changes to the living environment have been sped up by COVID-19. And I believe that coinciding with this and the diversification of the values of individuals, human capital-driven business management will be more important, and that we need to evolve the whole concept of business management as well.

Holding up the Long-Term Management Vision “Kirin Group Vision 2027 (KV2027),” the Kirin Group aims to become a global leader in Creating Shared Value (CSV). It will do this by further growing its existing businesses (Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals domains) and simultaneously, expanding the Health Science domain. On the other hand, in order to attain KV2027 in a highly uncertain and unpredictable business environment like the present time, we must strengthen our organizational capacity to enhance and draw out our human resource capabilities, which are the greatest source of corporate competitiveness.

  • Kirin Holdings Company, Limited
    Senior Executive Officer
    Junko Tsuboi

Based on this, the Kirin Group will address issues related to human capital and organizations in order to achieve sustainable growth by increasing the value of human capital. Additionally, we operate in an era in which companies are required to treasure and develop human capital as an asset not only of the group but also for the whole of society. Hence, we also find it important to join the society-wide effort to address human rights issues including cooperating with business partners. Moreover, in the group business management as a whole, we will bolster the governance system that promotes these activities by appropriately disclosing information, such as on the status of progress, through target-setting and monitoring.

Strengthening the human capital capability

Kirin Group’s universal approach to human capital is to respect the individuality and efforts of each and every employee who has endless potential and strives to personally grow and develop. Based on this, we have declared the “basic philosophy on human capital,” which positions the relationship between the company and its employees as “equal partners through work.” And the Kirin Group asks employees to be “autonomous individuals” in their career formation and job design, and then commits to “respecting and supporting the autonomous individuals.” Because we are in ever-changing and turbulent times, human capital alone can be the source of competitiveness. We believe that we need to continuously enhance the value of employee experience through thinking outside the box, let alone within the group.

Promoting diversity

Diversity is the starting point of value creation. To achieve KV2027, thinking that the strongest driver for value creation that can address social issues and meet customer expectations is diversity, we have added “Diversity” to “One Kirin Values,” the values common to the entire group, in addition to the current “Passion” and “Integrity.”
We will promote diversity in both aspects of attributes and individuals, and enable diverse human capital with ambitions for growth, regardless of gender, disability, age, nationality, race, or religion, to embrace the differences in individuals’ values and perspectives and turn those differences into a new strength. In this way, we will create sustainable innovation.

Cultivating the organizational culture

To acquire organizational capabilities for innovation, we are trying to cultivate an organizational culture that is energetic and offers great job satisfaction to nurture each member’s ambition for growth and create a high level of employee engagement.
To this end, we will launch and expand a variety of measures aimed at ensuring that every employee understands and sympathizes with the vision and direction that the Kirin Group will take, and feels proud of being a member of the Kirin Group while simultaneously satisfying the ambition for growth of each individual.
Additionally, to enable individuals to demonstrate their skills to the maximum, we will make efforts to prepare safe and secure working conditions under which employees can take up challenges without fear of failure and risk and an environment that allows employees to enjoy good health and work for a long time.

Respect for human rights

Human rights issues, such as ones in the supply chain, and the human rights of the socially vulnerable due to the pandemic, are attracting attention in Japan and overseas. Companies too face growing demands of society. Under these circumstances, the Kirin Group, which aspires to be a global leader in CSV, is expected to elevate various human rights issues in connection with business activities in Japan and overseas to an advanced level and enhance the trust and security of stakeholders inside and outside the Group.
We hold up “Respect for human rights” as one of Kirin Holdings Management Issues for Sustainable Growth (Group Materiality Matrix). And we will work to prevent and rectify human rights issues in the whole of the value chain through the group human rights conference, in which the top management take part, and reinforce the governance system, so that we establish a safe and secure working environment together with business partners. Furthermore, we strive to raise group-wide awareness of human rights through efforts in the “Kirin Group Human Rights Policy.”

Role of the group headquarters in the human capital strategy

The Kirin Group human capital strategy has been formulated through mutual cooperation between Kirin Holdings as the group headquarters and each business company, and initiatives are being implemented to realize the strategy.
An important mission of Kirin Holdings is to further establish the corporate philosophy, vision and values and increase understanding and agreement with positioning CSV as a core part of management.
Also, the necessary support is being given for the human capital strategy of each company.

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