Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation


Kirin’s beliefs regarding human resources

Kirin Group universally believes human resources is respecting the individuality and efforts of each and every employee who has endless potential and strives to personally grow and develop, and a “Basic philosophy on human resources” has been set forth that designates the relationship between the company and employees as “equal partners through work”. Within career formation and job design, focus is placed on realizing “autonomous individuals”, and the company promises to “respect and support the autonomous individuals”. In accordance with this philosophy, Kirin Group provides opportunities for employees to fully utilize their abilities and achieve complete combustion.

  • Kirin’s beliefs regarding human resources

Role of the group headquarters in the human resources strategy

The Kirin Group human resources strategy has been formulated through mutual cooperation between Kirin Holdings as the group headquarters and each business company, and initiatives are being implemented to realize the strategy.
An important mission of Kirin Holdings is to further establish the corporate philosophy, vision and values and increase understanding and agreement with positioning CSV as a core part of management.
Also, the necessary support is being given for the human resources strategy of each company.

  • Role of the group headquarters in the human resources strategy

Realizing innovation through diverse human resources and organizational culture

“Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation” has been set forth in KV2027 as one of the drivers for realizing innovation, and it is essential for maximizing the organizational capabilities.
Particularly important parts of “Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation” include promoting diversity, strengthening the human resources capability and cultivating a good organizational culture.
Through these initiatives, Kirin Group is actively investing in strengthening “human resources”, which are an important intangible value, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth

Strengthening the human resources capability

The Long-term Management Vision “KV2027” states that along with achieving further growth in the existing businesses (Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals), efforts will be made to establish and foster the Health Science domain. Within the changing business and external environment, human resources who can envision the future and implement responses will be the greatest source of competitive advantage, and utilizing this latent ability is the most effective way to strengthen the organizational capabilities. Based on this belief, Kirin Group is acquiring and fostering human resources who will be responsible for the functions, businesses and management of the group in the future across the world of Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals.

Promoting diversity

"When formulating KV2027 in 2019, “Diversity” was added to the existing One Kirin Values of “Passion” and “Integrity”. Kirin Group believes “Diversity” will be the driver for becoming “a global leader in CSV”.
When diverse employees mutually utilize their strengths, both the employees and organization will grow. Moreover, innovation is generated from diversity, and it will lead to the creation of new value.
Kirin Group is working to realize an organizational culture in which employees can feel satisfaction at work, as well as create a workplace where diverse employees with a desire to grow can work comfortably regardless of gender, disability, age or nationality."

Cultivating the organizational culture

Kirin Group is aiming to be an organization with a high level of engagement that has an organizational culture in which employees voluntarily take on new challenges. o achieve this, efforts are being made to deepen employee understanding and agreement with the Kirin Group’s vision and direction and to increase the feeling of pride as a member of Kirin Group. Also, in order to enable diverse human resources to fully realize their potential, it is necessary to cultivate a lively workplace and organizational culture. Efforts have begun to create an environment where employees can grow by voluntarily taking on new challenges without fearing the risks or potential failure. Also, as a foundation for taking on these new challenges, a workplace environment in which employees can work with good health and energy will also be created.

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