When formulating KV2027 in 2019, “Diversity” was added to the existing One Kirin Values of “Passion” and “Integrity”. Kirin Group believes “Diversity” will be the driver for becoming “a global leader in CSV”.
When diverse employees mutually utilize their strengths, both the employees and organization will grow. Moreover, innovation is generated from diversity, and it will lead to the creation of new value.
Kirin Group is working to realize an organizational culture in which employees can feel satisfaction at work, as well as create a workplace where diverse employees with a desire to grow can work comfortably regardless of gender, disability, age or nationality.

Top message

Kirin Group has declared “passion”, “integrity” and “diversity” to be the One Kirin Values shared within the group. Of these values, “diversity” has been positioned as an important driver for “becoming a global leader in CSV, creating value across our world of Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals”. We are working to be a company in which diverse personnel with expert knowledge and a strong desire to take on new challenges can make 100% use of their abilities and find a comfortable workplace environment regardless of their values, beliefs, abilities and experience. Through efforts by our diverse group employees to create new value while maintaining an awareness of their relationship with society, we will aim to sustainably increase corporate value. I ask you for your continued support of our group in the future.

Representative Director of the Board & CEO
President and CEO Yoshinori Isozaki

Kirin Group’s roadmap for promoting diversity and results

Kirin Group has worked to promote diversity since formulating Kirin Positive Action in 2006 and supporting the establishment the following year of Kirin Women’s Network, a grassroots activity that proposes the initiatives necessary for achieving the goal of empowering women to executive management set forth by the company president (at the time). In 2010, the “Kirin Group Charter for Hiring People with Disabilities” and “Charter of Work-life Balance” were created, and in 2013, a dedicated “Diversity Promotion Office” was established. Moreover, from 2017, the activities were expanded to include sexual minorities (LGBT) and older employees, and from 2019, in order to integrate diversity and make difference a strength as part of the Long-term Management Vision KV2027, further efforts are being made to promote diversity, including in terms of perspective, values and experience.
The results of the efforts to promote diversity include not only programs and initiatives that enable diverse personnel to find success but also the transformation of the organizational culture, development of new products, solving social issues and improving the group’s social reputation.

  • Kirin Group’s roadmap for promoting diversity and results

Executive management initiatives

Following the formulation of Kirin Positive Action in 2006, executive management has provided active leadership during each phase to expand the initiatives for diversity both internally and externally.

  • Executive management initiatives


The results of promoting “diversity & inclusion” are not limited to HR systems, measures, and organizational culture reforms that allow diverse human resources to play an active role, but are also linked to our products, solutions to social issues, and external evaluations.

Selected as a Fiscal Nadeshiko Brand

Kirin Holdings was selected as a Nadeshiko Brand Company by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE). The Nadeshiko Brand and Semi-Nadeshiko Brand recognize companies that are outstanding in terms of the empowerment of women in the workplace.
Kirin has been systematically cultivating and promoting its female employees in accordance with "Kirin Group's Long-Term Plan for the Advancement of Women 2030", a long-term plan for promoting female employees’ active participation formulated in 2022. Going forward, we will continue efforts to establish an environment where women can build their careers while balancing their work with various life events, such as giving birth and raising children. We will also pursue efforts aimed at enhancing the management capabilities of female managers. Furthermore, by moving forward with such initiatives as work motivation reforms, which will enhance the independence and productivity of employees and provide them with opportunities to take on new challenges, we will promote the establishment of an organization where not only women but all employees can fully exercise their capabilities.

Inclusion in Diversity Management Selection 100

In 2013, Kirin Holdings was included in Diversity Management Selection 100, which is sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. “Diversity management” refers to corporate management that involves the provision of opportunities for a diverse group of talent to leverage their capabilities to their full potential, thereby bringing about innovation that leads to the creation of new value. With this inclusion, Kirin Group was highly evaluated for turning a wide variety of employee perspectives, including those of female employees, into corporate strengths and using those strengths to create new products and value for its customers. Going forward, the Group will continue to pursue growth through the utilization of diversity as a corporate organization in which all employees can play an active role.

Efforts to promote the active role of women

Kirin Group’s beliefs regarding the empowerment of women

Kirin Group has worked from early on to realize an organizational culture in which women can utilize independence and creativity and work with high energy. Along with fairly assessing the outstanding applicants for employment with the aim of women making up half of all hiring, efforts have been made to provide career support and leadership training to further increase the feeling of satisfaction at work and raise awareness of continued personal growth. In addition, the necessary programs and systems have been created to ensure female employees can fully experience the various life events with their partners, including marriage and childbirth. In 2022, we formulated the "Kirin Group's Long-Term Plan for the Advancement of Women 2030", which aims to increase the ratio of female leaders at Kirin Holdings Co., Ltd. to 30% by 2030. The following are several of the initiatives being implemented by Kirin Holdings Company, Limited on an individual company basis.

  • Kirin Group’s beliefs regarding the empowerment of women

Career workshop

A workshop for female employees in their 3rd year with the company and their immediate superiors. It is provided as an opportunity for female employees to think about how they can enhance and better balance their life events and careers.

Kirin Women’s College

Select training program targeting mid-career female employees designed to foster next generation leaders equipped with good business literacy. The training is made up of a total of 7 sessions, and along with setting the session times so that women with young children can easily participate (10:00-17:30), it is also possible for female employees to apply while on childcare leave.

  • Based on the prerequisite that the female employee has returned to work when the program begins.

Future Female Leader Training

Along with increasing the desire to aim for leadership positions among female employees who have advanced to a certain career stage, the program enables participants to envision their future career and achieve personal growth directed at becoming a future leader.

Participation in EMPOWER

EMPOWER is a global organization made up of 27 countries and regions mainly from among the G20 nations that aims to “promote participation of women in corporate decision making”. Kirin Holdings is participating as an individual company and corporate group to support the activities in Japan.

Statement of Support for the “Declaration on Action by a Group of Male

Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine”
Yoshinori Isozaki, President and CEO of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, has stated his support for the declaration on action issued by “A Group of Male Leaders Who Will Create a Society in which Women Shine” in the Gender Equality Bureau Cabinet Office.

Becoming a Signatory Company of the UN Women’s “Women’s Empowerment Principles”

In December 2012, Kirin Holdings became a signatory company of the “Women’s Empowerment Principles,” which were formulated through collaboration between UN Women, an organization that aims for gender equality and the empowerment of women, and the UN Global Compact. Taking into account these principles, Kirin Holdings will further promote efforts to encourage the active role of women while incorporating perspectives from external sources.

Member of 30% Club Japan

Aimed at achieving 30% representation of women on the Board of Directors by 2030, the goal of the club is to strengthen corporate governance, promote sustainable growth, increase international competitiveness and thereby promote the development of a sustainable society in Japan.

Efforts to promote the active role of differently abled individuals, senior citizens, and sexual minorities (LGBT)

Initiatives aimed at the hiring of persons with a disability

In 2011, Kirin Group formulated the Charter for Hiring People with Disabilities under which the group has worked to realize the employment of people with disabilities in a way that is unique to Kirin so that all people, regardless of disability, can work with high energy.
Our society is made up of diverse individuals, including those with a disability.
At Kirin Group, we are working to prepare a good workplace environment that includes rational courtesies and the removal of both physical and awareness barriers. Through this, we are aiming to improve our ability to respond to diverse market changes and create new value through mutual inspiration by people from various backgrounds. Moreover, we are working with the group companies to promote the hiring of people with disabilities and expand the job positions.

Initiatives to support the hiring of people with mental and developmental disabilities

Kirin Group is partnering with local special needs schools and accepting students in a work shadowing program. In 2019, Kirin Office Service Company, Limited was established to enable members with a disability handle part of the head office internal affairs function, as well as streamline work operations at the group overall, expand the opportunities for employees with a disability and further promote the hiring of diverse people.

  • The term “handicap” is sometimes used instead of “disability”. However, the term “handicap” suggests that such people are at a disadvantage to the socially defined normal. At Kirin Group, we believe that although people may have a “disability” compared to others within society, they are not at a disadvantage when given the necessary support. The term “disability” is used here to further promote this awareness within society.

Promoting the active participation of elderly persons

Age is not related to achievement at work, and efforts are being made to create an environment in which older employees can fully utilize the experience and skills accumulated over the years to contribute to the business results, as well as pass on their skills and otherwise have a positive impact on the younger generations.

Re-employment System

Remain employed up to the last day of the month in which the employee turns 65 years old at a maximum.

Career Design Seminar

Seminar for employees who have turned 50 years old that prompts them to autonomously consider their remaining careers.

Life Seminar

Seminar that provides an opportunity for employees in their early 50s to think about their life plan until retirement. The employee’s partner may also participate.

Assigning Career Consultants to Provide Support

Employees who have acquired the necessary national qualification are assigned to the HR Division to provide consultations and support as necessary.

Initiatives for sexual minorities (LGBT)

In order to create an organizational culture that respects human rights and fully utilizes the abilities possessed by diverse personnel, Kirin Group is working to create a workplace environment in which such employees can work with high energy and to promote further understanding among all employees.
In 2017, the Compliance Guideline, which serves as the code of conduct for all group employees, was revised. Along with clearly stating that the company will protect individual dignity and will not unfairly discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity, the employee benefits have been expanded from legal marriages to also include common-law marriages and same-sex marriages. In addition, training has been conducted to increase awareness of the changes. These initiatives have been viewed positively by society, and Kirin Holdings has received the highest gold award from “work with Pride”.

  • work with Pride

Initiatives to expand diversity

Initiatives to make each employee think diversity is an own issue

Multi-tiered approach for accepting “diversity” and “differences” and linking it to the creation of new value

Promoting diversity is a companywide management issue that is not limited to the head office or particular organizations (Diversity Promotion Office).
In addition to members of executive management directly conveying messages aimed at promoting understanding of the corporate philosophy to people inside and outside the company, a companywide human resources assessment system, human resources training program and awards program are being prepared to transform the actions and awareness of all members from executive management to regular employees.

Layers in the organizational structure Initiatives
Executive management

・Diversity of the Board of Directors members
・Use the scores for “Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation” as a key performance indicator (non-financial target). Also, use the results of the employee engagement survey as a non-financial target for the key performance indicators
・Activities to further establish the long-term management vision, medium-term business plan and corporate philosophy (broadcast messages and patrols/ dialogue by corporate officers, etc.)
・External messaging and dialogue by top executives (IR, CSV activities, etc.)
・Consider issues regarding diverse human resources and the organizational culture at the management meeting (PDCA monitoring by executive management)
・Lectures by external experts in diversity and human rights during executive training
・Support for the diversity related activities of national and local governments and public organizations

Top leaders
(Division management level)
・Develop the leadership ability of top leaders
・Promote an understanding of diversity during top leader sessions
・Support from the HR and General Affairs Division for “transforming into a self-driven organization” (Support for division management is provided based on the situation in the workplace to division managers who are autonomously working to promote diversity, foster human resources and improve the workstyles)
・Announce the total working hours, overtime hours and hours spent in meetings by division on the intranet, grasp the engagement scores for each division and monitor the PDCA cycle
・Incorporate indicators for “diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation” in the performance targets
・Evaluate the conduct in relation to passion, integrity and diversity
Middle leaders
(Manager and team leader level)
・Develop the leadership of middle leaders
・Promote an understanding of diversity during new manager training
・Incorporate indicators for “diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation” in the performance targets, and evaluate
・Evaluate the conduct in relation to passion, integrity and diversity
・Career training uniquely for female employees in which leaders who have a female employee for the first time and female members who are in their 3rd year with the company participate in the same training (mandatory)
・Support from career consultants for leaders who have older employees as members
・Support and provide equipment to employees with a disability and their leaders
・Issue a management handbook on providing a comfortable workplace environment for sexual minority employees
・Ensure understanding of LGBT among the leaders who conduct hiring interviews
(General employees)
・Training aimed at increasing understanding for diversity when first joining the company
・Incorporate indicators for “diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation” in the performance targets
・Evaluate the conduct in relation to passion, integrity and diversity
・Internal recruitment program
・Study abroad program
・Internal and external training for select employees (networking, support for obtaining new knowledge)
・“Challenge support” to promote a desire for autonomous learning and growth among employees
・Career training uniquely for female employees in which female members in their third year with the company and their leaders participate in the same training
・Support and provide equipment to employees with a disability
Measures for all levels ・Diversity training and awareness surveys (conduct for 20,000 group employees in Japan with the aim of promoting and utilizing diversity and inclusion)
・Nari-Kirin Mom and Dad Training
・Second jobs (permit second jobs that promote autonomous workstyles and realization of an organization that utilizes diversity as a strength. All second jobs must contribute to the work operations at Kirin Group in some way)
・Acquire and implement the most recent knowledge regarding human rights and diversity within the human rights training (must participate every year; includes work)
・Harassment prevention training
・Co-Parenting Salon (a place to think about balancing childcare and work "Co=together"), promotion of male employees taking childcare leave and family participation


Initiatives to Prevent Harassment

Based on our basic policy of "zero tolerance of harassment in any form” the Kirin Group aims to prevent harassment and create a lively and cheerful workplace. During the Harassment Elimination Month, which is set every year for all domestic Group companies, the top management of each Group company and office declare "Elimination of Harassment” to employees.
We conduct anti-harassment training for domestic Group employees to provide them with basic knowledge and thoroughly inform internal and external harassment hotlines. In addition, we conduct detailed anti-harassment training for new managers of domestic Group companies.