Strengthening the human resources capability

Concept for strengthening the human resources capability

The Long-term Management Vision “KV2027” states that along with achieving further growth in the existing businesses (Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals), efforts will be made to establish and foster the Health Science domain. Within the changing business and external environment, human resources who can envision the future and implement responses will be the greatest source of competitive advantage, and utilizing this latent ability is the most effective way to strengthen the organizational capabilities. Based on this belief, Kirin Group is acquiring and fostering human resources who will be responsible for the functions, businesses and management of the group in the future across the world of Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals.

Initiatives for strengthening the human resources capability

Cultivating a mindset for growth among employees

  • Kirin Group believes that when employees are committed to their workplace and job position, strive to further refine their abilities to a level of “expertise” in which “I am the very best at this work or in this field”, and work to achieve the targets through innovation and ideas not bound by preconceived notions, supporting those challenges and desire to grow, as well as cultivating a mindset of pursuing further advances, will lead to improved human resources capability and stronger organizational capabilities.
  • As careers (=personal realization) become more diverse following increased diversity in the perception of value, support opportunities and environments that respond to the individual targets and desire for growth are being prepared.

Fostering management personnel within the group

  • A human resources management system is being created to foster management personnel who will be responsible for the core functions at Kirin Group in the future and carry out the growth strategy.
  • Also, opportunities to take on new and challenging work are provided to highly talented personnel at an early stage, and through personnel assignments based on aptitude and ability, Kirin Group is working to foster management personnel.
  • In addition, a diverse range of growth opportunities and new challenges is provided, including MBA study abroad program, work abroad program for addressing social issues in developing nations, overseas training program, workshops in other industries and various management classes.
  • Fostering human resources in each business and function

Fostering human resources in each business and function

  • Kirin Group is actively fostering human resources who will grow and transform each business and function.
  • In particular, the “Monozukuri Personnel Development Center” established by Kirin Holdings to further increase the group’s strength of “technological capability” is supporting the acquisition of expert knowledge, technology and skills related to manufacturing at each group company. In addition, by promoting information exchange between factories, an increased level of voluntary and autonomous learning within the manufacturing workplaces is being realized.
  • Also, in the area of marketing, based on structuring the marketing methods and implementing measures to foster the entire organization, efforts are being made to foster marketers who not only seek to develop long-selling brands but who are also committed to brand profitability and can manage the brand business. These efforts have achieved real results at Kirin Brewery, and this training program is being expanded to other group companies.

Hiring diverse human resources

  • In order to respond to the periodical changes to the business model, as well as acquire and strengthen the organizational capability to innovate, while actively conducting mid-career hiring, new graduate hiring is expected to realize employees who over the long-term will embody the corporate brand and tie together each business and function.


Strengthening Organizational Capabilities Development of our human resources

In these increasingly uncertain times of what has been described as the “VUCA World” of volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous conditions, the Kirin Group is entering a new stage in its drive to fulfill the long-term management vision, Kirin Group Vision 2027 (KV2027) of creating value in business domains spanning from Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals.