ICT accelerating value creation

Within the changes to the business environment resulting from the digitalization of society and digital technology, individual values and lifestyles are rapidly diversifying.
In this era of extreme change, it is essential for companies to proactively change through the use of ICT in order to continue meeting the needs of consumers and society. Kirin Group has designated “ICT accelerating value creation” in the Long-Term Management Vison KV2027 as one of the 4 organizational capabilities for accelerating innovation. By strategically promoting the use of ICT within all of the group’s business domains, Kirin Group will thoroughly streamline operations by restructuring the business processes, increase the value of the businesses and realize new value for consumers.

  • ICT accelerating value creation

Transform the existing businesses

Kirin Group is promoting the use of ICT to overhaul the business processes and transform the processes across the divisions. At the same time, efforts are being made to resolve the current management and business issues, greatly increase operational efficiency and add value to the businesses. For example, within SCM, which is confronting major social issues, ICT has been used to create a virtual simulation for the various conditions that can occur from production through distribution. The centralized manufacturing, storage and transportation cost and capacity data is linked with the changes to future demand and targets, and by quantifiably assessing and considering various strategic theories, such as “increase manufacturing capacity and rearrange the production system” and “increase transportation, sorting and storage capacity”, Kirin Group will design the “optimum production and distribution network” based on the future changes in the business environment.

Create new businesses

Within the new businesses, ICT will be utilized to provide more appealing value to consumers. Kirin Brewery’s “KIRIN Home Tap” is a new membership based service that enables customers to enjoy the delicious tap beer taste in their own homes. The main feature of this service is that it is a DtoC business that delivers products directly to consumers, and all communication is conducted digitally including the membership application, product selection, and customer support. In 2021, originating from a digital starting point, through marketing activities that include offline advertisements and real touchpoints, Kirin Group aims to expand membership to reach 100,000 members. Efforts to meet the needs of every customer and increase satisfaction with the services will be further accelerated through the use of ICT.

Enhance digital ICT personnel

In order to further advance the use of ICT, knowledgeable personnel are required. Kirin Group is currently in the processes of planning and promoting about 30 transformation projects, but in order to further expand the scale and deepen the reach in the future, efforts are being made to foster and secure the necessary personnel. In terms of personnel hiring, an employment course for students with an ICT background has been created, and diverse personnel from wide ranging business backgrounds are being added through mid-career hiring. In terms of fostering personnel, a training program that will enable company employees to independently discover and obtain the necessary technical skills is being prepared. In the future, the total number of employees involved in ICT in head office will be increased threefold, and a framework will be established for realizing value creation in all of Kirin Group’s business domains.

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