Consumer centric marketing

Toward Further Evolution of Marketing in Kirin Group

Kirin Group has been promoting "consumer-centric marketing expertise" build around its operating companies for the past several years to enhance its organizational capability in marketing to achieve innovation. From spring 2022, Kirin Holdings established a central function to oversee marketing for the entire Group, aiming for further evolution under a new structure.

  • Mitsuharu Yamagata Senior Executive Officer in charge of Marketing and Corporate Brand Strategy, Kirin Holdings Company

    Senior Executive Officer in charge of Marketing and Corporate Brand Strategy, Kirin Holdings Company
    Mitsuharu Yamagata

    From 2015: General Manager of Marketing Department, Kirin Beverage Company;
    From 2017: General Manager of Marketing Department, Kirin Brewery Company;
    From Spring 2022: current position

New marketing central function

We established a new central function to horizontally link the marketing departments of Kirin Group companies and accelerate transformation designed to create new markets and consumers and achieve sustainable growth. We will continue to evolve our marketing organizational capabilities by raising the "ability to understand consumers," which is the foundation of CSV management, to an even higher level throughout the Group. We will also provide direct support to each operating company for the advancement and growth of consumer-centric marketing expertise in each business to increase the speed and execution of transformation.

  • Enhance Corporate Value by furthter evolving consumer-centricmarketing

Reinforce growth and collaboration of operating companies

The following support can be provided to operating companies by setting up a central function and providing a horizontal linkages. We will increase the implementation of various measures and speed up their growth by providing consultation to operating companies on their marketing practices.

  1. Contribute to a consistent marketing strategy and initiatives for consumers
  2. Collaborate and create synergy across operating companies
  3. Strengthen lacking capacities in each business
  4. Facilitate utilization and penetration of Group knowledge

In fact, we are providing direct support for the growth of the Health Science business and Lion in Australia, in addition to the domestic Food & Beverages domain, to create consumer-centric value for the entire Group.

Initiative 1: Support Growth in the Health Sciences Business

Products related to Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma, such as beverages, dairy products, and supplements, are sold by various operating companies, and integrated communication is conducted with consumers at every touchpoint, such as mass advertising, information dissemination through digital, social media, poster display at stores, and campaigns. We will develop and execute a consistent strategy in the Health Science domain by exercising our central function so that these activities will be of one unified value to our consumers, even if the companies from which the products are provided differ. In other words, instead of each operating company approaching consumers separately, the Group will unite to create consumer-centric value.

  • Unite the Group to create value from the consumer's point of view

Initiative 2: Support Growth at Lion

In Australia, we have positioned brand enhancement as one of the key chllenges in a competitive environment, and we are helping our consumers improve their marketing organizational capabilities by leveraging the Group's best knowledge, including the introduction of marketing systems necessary for brand development. Practical consultation through discussions with the marketing staff will enhance the implementation of initiatives and the speed of growth.

  •  Practical consultation through discussions with the marketing staff

Accelerate marketing capability improvement

To accelerate "consumer-centric marketing expertise" throughout the Group, we will place the highest priority on strengthening our ability to understand our consumers. We will raise the level of the entire Group and develop and introduce new mechanisms to enhance our understanding of our consumers until it becomes a competitive advantage for our Group.

Looking to the future, we have begun to develop not only marketing capabilities in the existing Food & Beverages domain, but also capabilities in the new area of the Health Science Business.

Further strengthen human capital across the Group

We are introducing various training programs across the Group, including consumer understanding, to evolve into a stronger marketing organization.

In addition, the Group promotes talent management appropriate to its unique business portfolio. By standardizing management and talent development systems Group-wide, we will be able to quickly develop high-quality human capital and ensure that the people we assign will be able to work immediately and effectively. Progress is also being made in optimizing the Group's use of experienced human capital and strengthening the human capital base.

Through the above efforts, the entire Group will continue to enhance its consumer-centric marketing expertise, which are the source of innovation, and its ability to execute it, thereby enhancing its brand and corporate value.

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