Consumer centric marketing expertise

Kirin Group is working to create a system bolstering the competitive advantage afforded by a deep understanding of consumers and society at large. We will expand initiatives that have led to successful results at Kirin Brewery to other operating companies, and turn them into strengths for Kirin Group as a whole.

The consumer as the basis for decision-making

We have introduced a product development process based on a thorough understanding of our consumers, and have made decisions independent of corporate circumstances. This allows us to deliver the products and services that our consumers really need. At Kirin Brewery, the probability of success* for new products has increased, and this has led to positive results.
*Survival rate of newly launched brands and products

  • 図:The consumer as the basis for decision-making

  • Company-centric marketing (thinking on the basis of company’s circumstances)
  • Development schedule that places a priority on circumstances and timeframe (= vague decision-making criteria)
  • Consumer centric marketing expertise (emphasis on understanding consumers’ expectations and true feelings)
  • Go/No-Go decisions are made according to the decision-making criteria that look at whether they meet consumers’ expectations

Integrated marketing and brand development across the organization

In addition to the marketing department, each department from raw material procurement to manufacturing, distribution and sales is working to develop brands in line with an integrated marketing plan.

Integrated marketing in line with the consumer journey

We formulate action plans for brand development based on the consumer journey. Each team leverages its expertise to ensure that the consumer feels and acts as intended at each contact point. This enables the integration of various marketing elements with a focus on the consumer, and in turn the consistent implementation of strategies.

  • 図:カスタマージャーニー(四つの瞬間)

Cultivating brands across the entire organization

As we promote integrated marketing and deepen our understanding of our brands with our consumers, we are fostering an organizational culture where all employees "nurture the brand."

  • 図:「ブランドを育てる」組織へ

Training marketing personnel

The kind of marketing talent Kirin Group is looking for is not hit-makers, but, rather, marketers who can run a brand business.

Marketing department system

We have introduced a system enabling the brand business.

  • Introduction of a brand manager system
  • Strengthening of brand PDCA (monthly and yearly)
  • Development and implementation of a brand ROI system

Talent evaluation

The marketing human resources we seek are defined in terms of competencies and expertise, and talent evaluation is implemented as part of the management process for human resource development.

  • コンピテンシーと専門性の向上


Strengthening Organizational Capabilities
Enhancing Kirin Beverage's marketing capabilities

In 2019, Kirin Brewery increased the overall sales volume of its beer products for the second consecutive year and profit for the fourth straight year. Even though market conditions had become increasingly challenging, the company was able to continually post solid results thanks to its marketing reforms.

KIRIN ICHIBAN Relaunch and Craft Beer Market Development

Over the past two decades, Japan's beer market has continued to shrink. A decline in the drinking population is not the sole cause. At Kirin, we also perceive that beer has lost some of its appeal. In response, we have taken measures to make beer an attractive choice again.

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