Core Technology that Assures Value Creation

Build a “Core technology that creates solid value“

Kirin Group has designated “Core technology that creates solid value” in the Long-Term Management Vison KV2027 as one of the 4 organizational capabilities for achieving innovation.
In addition to further developing our traditional strengths in fermentation and biotechnology, packaging, and engineering, we have also been focusing on intellectual property in the recent years.

Beer Production and the Origins of Kirin's Technologies

Kirin Group's technological capabilities start with beer production. High-quality raw materials and optimal brewing are indispensable for making great-tasting beer. It was in the course of research in these areas that we developed technologies for handling raw materials and controlling fermentation and cultivation. In addition, we have refined packaging technologies such as wrapping, containers and filling in order to preserve the taste of beer as it is delivered to our customers. Moreover, we have developed engineering skills to build manufacturing facilities for the steady mass production of beer.

Development of unique technologies in ‘fermentation and biotechnology’

The development of technology for handling raw materials began with the hops and malt used in beer. As the business expanded, knowledge and research findings were applied to grapes in the wine business and to tea leaves and coffee beans in the non-alcoholic beverages business. Today, we have developed technologies that allow us to extract functional health ingredients from a wide range of raw materials in order to solve health problems.
Similarly, we have combined biotechnology with the technologies for controlling fermentation and culture that originated from beer brewing and applied these to the cultivation of various microorganisms, including lactic acid bacteria. This has led to the discovery and extraction of various useful substances (functional substances) in the field of health sciences. It is also used for the cultivation of animal and human cells in the pharmaceutical business, and forms the basis of the Kirin Group's technological capabilities.

R&D (Japanese only)

The R&D Division is the core of the Kirin Group's research and development activities. We are engaged in research and development to bring exciting innovations to our customers and society at large.

Accelerating intellectual property activities that leverage technological capabilities for the business.

Kirin Group is accelerating intellectual property (IP) activities to further solidify its technological capabilities in the domains of Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals.


Packaging, containers and filling technologies were developed to protect beer and other beverages from external shocks, temperature changes and contamination at stores and during production and distribution. We have a track record of innovation contributing to all areas of business, from durable containers that reduce the use of resources to servers that enable new ways of drinking beer. In recent years, we have also been developing new technologies to help solve social issues surrounding packaging, such as the marine pollution caused by plastic containers.


As a manufacturer, production equipment is an essential part of our business, and it is vital that we possess the engineering capabilities to quickly develop manufacturing facilities that are capable of efficiently producing quality products while being eco-friendly and comfortable for our workers. At Kirin Group, engineering organizations have been set up within each operating company to ensure that our manufacturing facilities are supported by engineers with a thorough understanding of manufacturing processes, production technology and maintenance techniques. Kirin Engineering Company, Limited, a general engineering company specializing in the construction of factories producing beer, beverages, pharmaceuticals and other products, is owned by Kirin Group and is able to flexibly carry out large-scale construction, expansion and remodeling of manufacturing facilities for group companies both in Japan and overseas. The capabilities of these engineering organizations, along with the know-how and technical expertise in facility development that we have cultivated through our own engineering of various businesses, are the strengths of Kirin Group, and support the growth and development of our business domains, ranging from food and beverages to pharmaceuticals.

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