Other initiatives in Japan

Public Awareness Activities for Responsible Drinking

Responsible Drinking awareness activities at the coming-of-age ceremonies

We conduct activities to educate 20 years old about responsible drinking in conjunction with the Coming-of-Age Day ceremonies that in Japan mark the transition to adulthood and legal drinking. Activities take place at the municipal site near the Kirin headquarter, and Kirin and Mercian plants around Japan. A key component of the program is the distribution of educational leaflets that contain Kirin’s original alcohol patch tests.. These tests allow people to understand their own alcohol tolerance and inform them about how to drink appropriately. The purpose is to eliminate some of the concerns about alcohol and prompt appropriate interest. Kirin advocates "Slow Drinking" as a responsible, adult style of drinking and a way that alcohol can enrich lives and bring greater pleasure and enjoyment.

Joint initiatives with the University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation

Kirin partners with the University Co-operatives Mutual Aid Federation to educate students about alcohol as they reach the legal drinking age of 20. Our goals are to prevent the many problems that result from inappropriate student drinking, instill proper knowledge of alcohol, and promote responsible drinking styles.

Seminars for new hires, affiliated companies and plant tour participants

Kirin offers responsible drinking seminars upon request for its vendors and customers, people taking plant tours, and local community organizations. We use alcohol patch tests to allow participants to confirm their own alcohol tolerance, provide information on what alcohol is, how it acts on the body, and the negative impacts when it is misused, and give advice on how to drink more appropriately.

Seminars for university students

Kirin offers responsible drinking seminars upon request for universities around Japan. Chugging and problem drinking remain common among young people and result in many unfortunate incidents. During seminars we try to communicate correct knowledge about alcohol and its role in social relationships. As part of this, we use original Kirin alcohol patch test kits so that participants can check their own alcohol tolerance and learn about proper, enjoyable ways of drinking.

Anti-drunk driving initiatives

Designated drivers

Kirin Brewery began supporting the "Designated Driver Movement" in 2009 as part of its efforts to eradicate drunk driving. The "Designated Driver Movement" aims to eliminate drunk driving by encouraging people to select one among their party will not drink (the designated driver) when they're taking a car to a restaurant and plan on having alcohol. Designated Driver Movement activities are held around Japan in coordination with police departments and local governments during the same period as the annual spring and fall nationwide traffic safety campaigns. Our activities include handing out educational leaflets and samples of "GREEN’S FREE (Non-alcohol)," a 0.00% non-alcohol beer for tasting. We are conducting public awareness campaigns to solve social issues to eradicate drunk driving through our products, such as displaying the handle keeper mark* on ”GREEN’S FREE” and “Kirin Zero Ichi”, and creating educational short videos.

  • displayed on only on bottles of “GREEN’S FREE”

Programs for people on plant tours

Many people drive their cars and motorcycles to our plant tours, and at the time of entry, we confirm who the drivers are, review the rules, and give them driver cards so that they are not mistakenly provided with alcoholic beverages. We also furnish non-alcoholic beverages to non-drinkers attending tastings. During the spring and fall national traffic safety weeks, we display banners in our parking lots and have staff and security personnel wear "designated driver" sashes and badges to make people more aware of the need to prevent drunk driving.

"Kirin Fund against Drunk Driving" shareholder benefit

In 2010, we added the "Kirin Fund against Drunk Driving" to the list of options in our shareholder benefit menu as part of an effort to provide assistance for the victims of traffic accidents, including those caused by drunk driving. The money donated by shareholders is given to the Foundation for Orphans from Automobile Accident, a nonprofit organization. The foundation was established with investments from automotive industry groups and others to provide support for children orphaned by traffic accidents, and operates under licenses from the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism and the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare. The Kirin Group views fundraising activities as an opportunity for stakeholders to think about drunk driving and other problems caused by inappropriate drinking.

The "Hodo Yoi Jyoshi Project" campaign to educate women about responsible drinking

The Brewers Association of Japan and its five brewer members launched the "Hodo Yoi Jyoshi Project" in November 2017 as part of activities to educate women about responsible drinking. As lifestyles change and more enter the workforce, women are coming under greater and more complex stress. With the percentage of at-risk drinkers on the rise, there is a growing awareness of the importance of educating women about the health risks associated with drinking. A survey conducted last year by the Brewers Association of Japan found that 25.5% of respondents were aware of "appropriate levels of drinking for women," and 68.5% of women had experienced failure or regret as a result of over-drinking. These numbers underscore how much more there is to be done with regard to responsible drinking among women. The project was launched to provide women with greater knowledge about alcohol so that they are able to enjoy it properly without overdoing it.

Initiatives to prevent Under 20 Drinking

Japan enacted the "Law Prohibiting Underage Drinking" in 1922, banning the consumption of alcoholic beverages by people under 20 years of age. Underage drinking damages brain cells and has a host of other significant, adverse impacts on the body and mind. The law also provides for penalties against parents and guardians who fail to curb underage drinking and others selling or providing alcoholic beverages to people under 20. Underage drinking is a serious problem, and it is important for young people to understand the risks and the adults around them to prevent alcohol from damaging their immature bodies and minds.

Educational DVDs for junior and senior high schools

In 2005, Kirin began distributing free DVDs titled "Alcohol and Young People: The Impact on Growing Brains" to junior and senior high schools around Japan. The DVDs explain the influence that alcohol has on the brain, particularly for people under 20, and encourages students to develop correct knowledge of alcohol.

"STOP! Under 20 Drinking" Project

This project was launched by the Brewers Association of Japan in 2005 with the goal of preventing people under 20 to drink, and Kirin has been involved since the beginning. All of our advertising and publicity materials for alcoholic beverages bear the "STOP! Under 20 Drinking" mark, and twice a year, we use POP displays at points of purchase, transit advertising and vision advertising to educate the public about the need to prevent Under 20 Drinking.

Contest for Schools on the Prevention of Under 20 Drinking Curricula

As a member of the Brewers Association of Japan, Kirin has been involved in the "Nationwide Contest for the Development of Posters, Slogans and School Awards to Discourage Underage Drinking" since 2002, part of an effort to encourage junior and senior high schools around Japan to be aware of the need to prevent underage drinking. In 2017, the name was changed to the "Contest for Schools on the Prevention of Under 20 Drinking Curricula" and coverage was expanded to include elementary schools. Activities focus on content developed at the individual school (elementary, junior high, senior high) level. Its objectives are to encourage schools and communities to look frankly at under 20 drinking and how it can be prevented, and to understand the health damages it can cause.

Better employee education

Employee education

  • All employees
    Kirin holds on the job training and on-line training sessions so that its employees, as members of a company that produces alcoholic beverages, are able to learn about responsible drinking and better discuss it in the workplace. We also conduct a drinking habits screening test (AUDIT) to provide opportunities to reflect on personal alcohol use.
  • Employees at specific levels
    ・New employee training
     As a manufacturer of alcoholic beverages, Kirin encourages its employees to learn and be aware of the basics of responsible drinking.
    ・New manager training
     These programs encourage workplace leaders to become knowledgeable about responsible drinking and spread that information to their organizations.

Rigorous employee alcohol testing

The Kirin Group obligates employees who drive vehicles for work or commuting to be tested by alcohol detectors. Employees who drive vehicles for sales or distribution or who commute by car are loaned alcohol sensors and prohibited from driving if a value of "more than 0.00%" is detected before they get in the car. Likewise, transportation companies commissioned with Kirin distribution services are required to rigorously test drivers for alcohol. Under the Rules of Employment, employees found to have engaged in drunk driving, whether on or off the job, are subject to strict disciplinary action, including dismissal.