What is Slow Drinking?

“Slow Drinking” is a way for people take a relaxed approach to consuming alcohol. This means being smart and keeping the situation pleasant by drinking in moderation while enjoying good food and conversation with others. It is a way for us to enjoy alcohol in the times ahead—not by focusing on the amount consumed, but by savoring the good times had.

Introducing Slow Drinking

Talk together and share good times

Rather than spending time drinking alone, drink and share good times with someone else. Taking the time to have a conversation with someone naturally results in slow drinking, and it might just give birth to some new ideas or chance encounters as well.

Drink with a good meal

Take the time to enjoy our beverages while taking in a good meal. This activity takes less of a toll on the body than drinking on an empty stomach. Pay mind to the pairing of food and drink and the marriage of flavors to create a rich experience.

Drink pleasantly and in moderation

The key to enjoying drinking in pleasant situations while keeping a positive mood is drinking in moderation. By doing so, you can ease your mind, have good conversations, and enjoy a relaxing meal. And of course, we should respect the pace of those around us.

Drink slowly, eat slowly, savor the flavor

Make sure to savor the flavor of both your drink and your food. Rediscover the value of flavors and aromas that you may not have noticed before, and the story that surrounds the experience. Communicate and discuss with those around you. This will turn your time with alcohol into time that is truly rich.

SLOW DRINK “a new way to enjoy alcohol”

By understanding the right way to drink in moderation,we could all cherish the time with those around us.

  • Amid the outbreak of COVID-19, please take measures to prevent further spread of infection in accordance with government policy. 

Note: “Slow Drink” is a registered trademark of the Kirin Holdings Company.

Enjoy Slow Drinking Online

Online drinking party is a new way to easily interact with your acquaintances by joining from the comfort of your home.
You can relax and talk in front of your computer, tablet, or smartphone at home while looking at your partner's face and picking up your favorite drink or food, which can be a refreshing change from a real drinking party.
However, lingering for a long time may lead to excessive drinking, or drinking late into the night
may leave you with alcohol left over the next morning, which may affect your health. So it’s
important to always set a time to end the party in advance.