Sustainable development of communities in raw material production areas and business development regions

With our business partners, we will work to secure stable supplies of materials and raw materials, improve quality, and create value for the communities involved in our supply chain. We will also ensure the sustainability of communities by responding to disasters in the areas where we operate.


Japanese Hops

By resolving issues surrounding the cultivation of Japanese hops, we will contribute to the revitalization of local agriculture and economies, leading to the sustainability of raw material production and the growth of our business.

Tea leaves

By expanding our support for acquiring Rainforest Alliance certification, we will provide long-term support for tea farms in Sri Lanka and expand the use of certified tea leaves.


Through the cultivation of high-quality grapes and expansion of vineyards, we will contribute to the conservation of the environment and ecosystem and the revitalization of local agriculture and economies.

Sedex compliance of key suppliers

Lion is committed to increasing transparency in raw material procurement and improving the sustainability of our supply chain with our business partners.