Tea Leaves

We will support Sri Lankan black tea farmers through such long-term initiatives as facilitating the acquisition of Rainforest Alliance certification, and expand the use of certified tea leaves.


Kirin - Sri Lanka Friendship Project

The Kirin-Sri Lanka Friendship Project is being conducted to improve the partnership with one of the Kirin Group's major production areas and the people who work there, as well as to ensure continued sales of Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha products made using high quality tea leaves.
Specifically, support for obtaining sustainable plantation certification is being provided to tea plantations in Sri Lanka, the main producer of the tea leaves used in Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha products. In addition, Kirin Group donates a lot of books to the schools attended by children of plantation owners and workers.

Support for acquisition of Rainforest Alliance certification

Kirin Group is assisting tea plantations in Sri Lanka to obtain international certification that guarantees the plantations can be sustainably operated into the future in terms of environmental conservation, social justice and economic competition. The project is being conducted in partnership with Rainforest Alliance, an organization headquartered in New York and Amsterdam.

Details of the initiatives

Support is given to tea plantations in Sri Lanka to obtain the sustainable agriculture "Rainforest Alliance certification". (Kirin provides the training expenses while the plantation covers the audit & certification expenses)

Plantations eligible for support

We strive to select plantations that are eager to increase tea leaf harvest and quality, conserve the plantation environment, improve the working conditions and become sustainable.

Establishment of Kirin Libraries

Since 2007, Kirin Group has donated lots of books to the schools attended by children of the tea plantation owners and workers in Sri Lanka, and through the end of 2016, these donations were made to over 100 schools. Over the 5 years from 2017, we will continue this activity with a target of 100 schools, as well as support children to reach their academic potential and create dreams for the future.

Details of the initiative

Establish "Kirin Libraries" by donating books and bookshelves to the schools attended by children of the tea plantation owners and workers.

Actual and planned donations

Schools attended by children of tea plantation owners and workers in Sri Lanka

  • About 100 schools though the end of 2016
  • Target 100 schools during the 5 years from 2017

Details of the donations

Donate 1 bookshelf and 100 books per year to each school (story books, illustrated reference books, maps, etc. Local books are selected after hearing the request from the school)