Creating bonds and trust for people's well-being

We will contribute to creating social capital and well-being.


KIRIN Gogo-no-Kocha HAPPINESS Project

"KIRIN Gogo-no-Kocha HAPPINESS Project" is the reconstruction assistance support that sells products using materials from the areas supported and donates a portion of the sales. Through our products, we will connect the thoughts of people who are moving forward toward recovery with the support of customers all over Japan.

Creating opportunities for communication through wine

Wine is often drunk by multiple people, and is easily imagined as an opportunity to be enjoyed with meals and conversation. By providing a tasty and attractive wine experience, we will increase the number of opportunities to drink wine, create bonds between people through enriched time with wine, and contribute to the creation of a society filled with trust and smiles.

Working with local partners

With community partners, such as the Graeme Dingle Foundation, which aims to build various skills among young people, and Gotcha4Life, which provides mental fitness programs, we will contribute to the mental health of people through the communities of our customers and local communities in Australia and New Zealand.

Football activities

By supporting people's mental and physical health through sponsorship*, events, and community activities , we will bring joy to society.

  • KIRIN has been the official sponsor for Japan football association(JFA) since 1978.