CSV Management

During the past 100 years, the business environment has dramatically changed. The severity of health problems such as lifestyle-related diseases, increased medical costs, aging population, weaker connections between people, rising economic inequality, climate change and environmental destruction are all increasing. We want to increase consumer happiness by voluntarily addressing social problems such as these. Addressing the social issues through leveraging of the Kirin Group's strengths will promote transformed awareness and creative ideas, which in turn will lead to further innovation. Through this, we will increase the group's organizational capabilities and sustainably deliver value to customers. This is what we call CSV (Creating Shared Value), our most important management policy.

CSV Governance

The Kirin Group has formulated the Group Materiality Matrix (GMM), which outlines the key issues that must be addressed in order to sustainably exist and develop together with society. Based on the GMM, we have formulated the CSV Purpose as a guideline that translates our management philosophy into the significance of our existence in society, and have established the CSV Commitment as a medium-term action plan for achieving the CSV Purpose. The CSV Commitment is incorporated into the business plans of the Group companies, and its progress is linked to performance evaluations.The Group CSV Committee, chaired by the President  & CEO  of Kirin Holdings, discusses the formulation of CSV policies, strategies, and action plans, and monitors the implementation of these plans in order to actively and voluntarily promote CSV. In order to enhance the effectiveness of the CSV policies and strategies decided by the Group CSV Committee, we have established the CSV staff meeting, which is composed of managers from each division of Kirin Holdings and the planning divisions of major group companies, to share information and exchange opinions.

Governance Structure

  1. Group Materiality Matrix
  2. Translate management philosophy into social significance.
  3. Members: KH functional units Planning staffs, major operating companies’ Planning staffs
  4. Chair: The CEO of Kirin Holdings (KH)
    Members: KH functional units Director, The CEO of major operating companies

Kirin Group Stakeholders

Kirin Group believes that customers, shareholders and investors, employees, communities, business partners, and the environment are stakeholders common to all Kirin Group companies. To realize the Kirin Group’s unique CSV, through our businesses, we treasure these relationships with stakeholders and aim to co-create new value.

  • Cooperation with Stakeholders

Customers We will use our technological expertise in manufacturing to pursue high quality and meet customer's expectations, bringing well-being, pleasure, and comfort to people's lives everywhere through the joy of food and well-being
Shereholders and investors To further strengthen corporate governance and increase corporate value over the medium to long term, we will enhance disclosure of information and engage in constructive two-way communication.
The environment Working together with customers and the other stakeholders, the Company shall bring joy to society and pass the world on the next generations by creating positive benefits for nature and people.
Business partners Through fair transactions, we will build relationships of mutual trust with all business partners toward the creation of a sustainable society and offer better products and services to our customers.
Communities We will treasure the local communities that support our business activities and contribute to their healthy and sustainable growth
Employees We will foster an organizational culture where a diversity of people can enjoy working, feel that they are experiencing human growth through their jobs, and take on the challenge of innovation.

Sustainable Finance

The Kirin Group executes Kirin Sustainable Finance based on the “Kirin Sustainable Finance Framework” to raise funds to promote CSV management. The funds are used to address social issues in "A Responsible Alcohol Producer," "Health and Well-Being," "Community Engagement," and "The Environment" based on the CSV Purpose, and by communicating the status of their use, we aim to further promote the Kirin Group CSV management and solve social issues.

Marketing Communication Policy・Guidelines of Product Labeling

Kirin Group will create products and services for customers, while cherishing nature and people. The Group believes that this will lead to the heartfelt satisfaction and joy of our customers.
To achieve this goal, Kirin Group established MCP that all the Group’s employees involved in marketing must adhere to when creating advertisements and creatives.
Besides, the Kirin Group regards product labeling as a form of communication with consumers and society, and have established a "Guidelines of Product Labeling" as our promise to be followed when labeling products*.

  • Manufactured and sold by Kirin Group and products sold under Kirin brand.Kirin Group will strive that all our marketing activities will be valuable to society by bearing MCP in mind.

Initiatives, Activities, and Policies

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