Endorsement and participation in external organizations and initiatives

Kirin Group actively supports and participates in domestic and international initiatives and statements to co-create value with society. To advance our efforts to realize CSV (Creating Shared Value), the Group's management philosophy and most important management guideline, without limiting ourselves to the scope of our own activities, We will actively participate in domestic and international initiatives to achieve co-creation with society. Specifically, we are participating in the following initiatives.


Year of endorsement and participationPurpose of endorsement and participation

UN Global Compact

Sep. 2005

In order to achieve the "Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs),we will fulfill our social responsibility by working to realize 10 universally accepted principles outlined in the areas of human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption defined by the United Nations Global Compact. we work to align its employee relationships and its business operations ranging from procurement and R&D to manufacturing and marketing with these principles.

The Consumer Goods Forum


CGF is an international consumer goods industry association that brings together global consumer goods manufacturers and retailers to pursue business practices that improve efficiency and create positive changes across industries for the benefit of consumers and the world. In order to contribute to the achievement of this goal, we have been a member of its Board since 2009.

Council for Better Corporate Citizenship


CBCC was established by Keidanren to promote CSR among Japanese companies through dialogue and cooperation with CSR-related organizations.We have been promoting CSR through participation in overseas missions and other activities.

Brewers Association


In conjunction with industry associations, we participate in order to strive to create a fair competitive environment in the beer industry, to promote healthy development, and to contribute to the realization of a sustainable society.We fulfill our social responsibility as an alcoholic beverage manufacturer by promoting initiatives that lead to the development of the industry, such as addressing alcohol issues to reduce harmful drinking, creating an industry-optimized sustainable logistics environment to address logistics issues, and reducing CO2 emissions and recycling waste.

In addition to the above, we also endorse and participate in the Global Compact Network Japan and the Association of Consumer Affairs Prosessionals.


Year of endorsement and participationPurpose of endorsement and participation

The Science Based Targets Network (SBTN) Corporate Engagement Program

Feb. 2021 As a member we're leading on the development of tools and guidance for setting vital science-based targets for nature.

"Task Force on Nature-Related Financial Disclosures" “The TNFD Forum”

Dec. 2021
Together with the international community, we will work to conserve biological resources by actively contributing to discussions on the TNFD and accelerating our efforts related to natural capital and biodiversity. In addition, in order to address complex and interrelated environmental issues, we will not address the four issues (biological resources, water resources, containers and packaging, and climate change) set forth in the "Kirin Group Environmental Vision 2050" individually, but rather in an integrated manner.

30by30 Alliances

Apr. 2022
Because of our biodiversity conservation activity areas and the potential for the knowledge gained from these activities to contribute to OECMs.

Clean Ocean Materials Alliance(CLOMA)

Dec. 2018
We are participating in the Clean Ocean Materials Alliance (CLOMA) to accelerate innovation and promote the sustainable use of plastic products, the development and introduction of alternative materials, and to address the emerging global issue of marine plastic litter.

Alliance to End Plastic Waste (AEPW)

Mar. 2021
By participating in AEPW and working to solve the plastic waste problem that surrounds the world from a global perspective, we will work together with participating companies to realize a "society in which plastics continue to circulate.

SBTinitiative (SBTi)

Mar. 2017
The Kirin Group has four key themes: biological resources, water resources, containers and packaging, and climate change.We participated in the SBT initiative, which is attracting attention from around the world, with the aim of further accelerating efforts to address climate change, not only in Japan but also globally.


Nov. 2020
We joined RE100 in 2020, which is the global corporate renewable energy initiative bringing together hundreds of large and ambitious businesses committed to 100% renewable electricity, and declared our aim to use renewable energy for 100% of electric power by 2040.

Endorsement of the"Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)"

Dec. 2018
We have endorsed the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD*1) established by the Financial Stability Board (FSB*2) to ensure transparency and appropriate disclosure in response to climate change. Taking into account the information obtained from the recommendations, we will continue to analyze and respond to the risks and opportunities posed by climate change to our business, and expand and enhance our related disclosures.
An international organization that includes representatives of central banks, financial supervisory authorities, and finance ministries from the world's major countries and regions.
The Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures

TCFD Consortium

Sep. 2019
We are participating to instill TCFD compliance.

Eco-First Program

We received certification in support of the Ministry of the Environment's aim to further promote the actions of industry-leading companies in environmental protection.
In line with this, we were appointed as the first chair company of the Eco-First Promotion Council, which consists of companies participating in Eco-First.

Japan Climate Initiative

Jul. 2018
We joined JCI in 2018 for the purpose of contacting a network to strengthen the dissemination of information and exchange of opinions among companies, local government that are actively working on climate change countermeasures.

Keidanren Committee on Nature Conservation

We participate to keep abreast of the latest domestic and international trends in biodiversity, the spread of awareness of the issue in the business community, and the development of the debate.

World Wide Fund for Nature Japan

Mar. 2013
We have joined this project to realize a sustainable future for the earth through the protection of the natural environment and biodiversity. In addition to cooperating in the formulation of the "Guidelines for Sustainable Biological Resource Procurement" and "Action Plan", we will continue to work toward the realization of a sustainable future by jointly establishing the "Consortium for Sustainable Paper Use".


Year of endorsement and participationPurpose of endorsement and participation

30% Club Japan

May. 2019
We joined because our goal is to achieve innovation through diversity. Additionally, former Director Kimie Iwata was one of the ADVOCATES of the 30% Club Japan. We believe that endorsement of its activities is an opportunity to make a positive statement about our commitment to promoting diversity, and we believe that it is important to work toward its goals.

Human Capital Management Consortium

Sep. 2022
As a founder member of the consortium, we joined the consortium to promote "human capital management" with the support of the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Financial Services Agency (FSA) to enhance the sustainable value of Japanese companies.

Social Emergency Management Alliance

Aug. 2017
In order to enable smooth product donations to affected area by natural disasters, we have joined SEMA, Social Emergency Management Alliance , which are organized to support suffers by private companies and civil society groups.

Japan Food Safety Management Association (JFSM)

Dec. 2017
In its CSV commitment "Ensuring Food Safety and Security," the Kirin Group aims to establish a hygiene management system for manufacturing processes based on international standards.
Participation in JFSM, which operates the GFSI-recognised approved Japan Food Safety Management Standard (JFS-C Standard), will help ensure further safety and security in the food industry.

Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions (Sedex)

Feb. 2022
Sedex is an online platform for "managing and improving working conditions" in the supply chain and promotes the strengthening of sustainable supply chain structures with Sedex.

International Alliance for Responsible Drinking(IARD)

Jan. 2015 In order to address alcohol-related problems which have become global challenges, we have joined IARD,an international not-for-profit organization dedicated to reducing harmful drinking and promoting understanding of responsible drinking with the leading global beer, wine, and spirits producers.
We are committed to fulfilling our social responsibility as an alcoholic beverage producer by promoting responsible drinking and tackling harmful use of alcohol to eradicate it.