Guidelines of Product Labeling

August 9, 2023

In order to bring new joys of "Food and Health" and to realize well-being for society, the Kirin Group regards product labeling as a form of communication with consumers and society, and have established a "Guidelines of Product Labeling" as our promise to be followed when labeling products*.

  • Manufactured and sold by Kirin Group and products sold under Kirin brand.

By labeling our products based on this Guidelines, we will strive to make Kirin Group products better, loved by consumers, and valuable to society.

  • In product packaging, we will provide easy-to-understand labeling so that consumers will not have any misunderstandings or concerns. (Integrity)
  • In product packaging, we will display product packages in a sensible manner, taking into consideration the position of all consumers and changes in the world. (Good sense)
  • In product packaging, we will provide factual and accurate information that consumers need. (Truthfulness)
  • In product packaging, we will provide labeling in compliance with the laws and regulations of each country in which the products are sold. (Legal)