2013 Fellow's Research Projects

Lu Xin, Ph.D., P.R. China

Affiliation in Home Country Institute of agro-product processing, Henan Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Assistant researcher
Research Themes Study on the variable components separation from food materials using the membrane separation technique such as micro filtration, ultra filtration, nano filtration and reverse osmosis filtration.
Laboratory Reaction and Separation Engineering Laboratory
Advisor Dr. Shoji Hagiwara


I was born in Kaifeng City of China, where many kinds of beautiful chrysanthemums bloom in the autumn. I have studied food science for ten years, including spending four years getting my B.S. at Henan University of Technology, spending three years gaining my M.S. at Jiangnan University and three years receiving my doctoral degree at China Agricultural University. I like food science because it gives me fun and meet my curiosity. I wish I can dedicate my life to food science. I am a conscientious, responsible, optimistic and friendly person.

I would like to express my gratitude to UNU, Kirin Holdings Co. Ltd., and NFRI for giving me this valuable opportunity to study. By means of advisor and other experts' guiding and teaching, colleagues' helping, I'm sure that the fellowship programme at NFRI will promote my academic capacity, widen my vision and broaden my mind, so I have more power to contribute to the development of my home institute and realize my dream. Moreover, through communicating with local people, I could experience the characteristics of Japanese culture and see the similarities to and differences from Chinese culture, which will enhance the understanding, trust and friendship between Chinese and Japanese people.

Nanik Purwanti, Ph.D., Indonesia

Affiliation in Home Country Bogor Agricultural University (IPB) Department of Mechanical and Biosystem Engineering Lecturer and Researcher (since January 1, 2005)
Research Themes Development of nano-spheres for encapsulation of functional food ingredients/essential oils with novel techniques
Laboratory Advanced Food Technology Laboratory
Advisor Dr. Isao Kobayashi


The aim of the proposed research is to develop nano-spheres for encapsulation of an essential oil with a novel technique. The research will consist of two parts. The first part is identification and selection of materials (the encapsulated compound, shell material, solvent, surfactant) as well as determination of the composition. The second is production of nano-spheres using nano-channel emulsification. This channel has been generated in Advanced Food Technology Laboratory, NFRI, based on micro-channel emulsification. Nano-channel emulsification is a novel technique in nanotechnology that is milder in operation and requires less energy input compared to other topdown approach techniques. In terms of production process, utilization of nano-channel emulsification is simpler than the processes using bottom-up approaches. The dispersed phase is pumped to pass through a channel towards a large terrace. Pressure difference causes the disperse phase to spread across the terrace and the formed spheres will be pinched off as soon as it reaches the edge of the terrace. The mechanism and performance of the nano-channel emulsification in producing nano-spheres will be studied.

Visiting Japan for pursuing a research at NFRI brings a memory back when I visited NFRI in 2008 for the first time. I was at the first year of my PhD study in Netherlands at that time and I told Professor Nabetani at NFRI that I wish I could do a research at NFRI someday. Thanks to UNUKirin Fellowship program that makes my wish come true. My research interest in general is in designing food products and processes, rheology, food structures, and micro-nanotechnology. The latter is my new interest that I will explore during my stay at NFRI and I believe that I could learn a lot in Advanced Food Technology Laboratory. Japan is not an easy country to be dealt with, especially if I have to deal with the Japanese characters in public places. However, I have just had another visit to Japan for about 40 days in October-November 2012 and I had good impression on Japanese people as well as made new Japanese friends. They are thoughtful and helpful even to foreigners. I could not wait to meet them again and of course, make other new friends during my next stay in Japan. I will also use this opportunity to learn Japanese language and of course, Japanese characters.


Wannasiri Wannarat, Thailand

Affiliation in Home Country Nanotechnology and Biotechnology Unit, Kasetsart Agricultural and Agro-industrial Product Improvement Institute (KAPI), Kasetsart University, Researcher
Research Themes During my stay at NFRI, I propose to do three main projects. First, I will elucidate biosynthetic pathway of benzoisochromanequinone antibiotics produced by streptomyces strains. Second, I will analyze bacteria stress responses and their mechanisms concentrating on acid resistance mechanisms in E.coli. Last, I will identify and work on molecular analysis of new mutations that activate enzyme or antibiotic production in bacteria.
Laboratory Microbial Function Laboratory
Advisor Dr. Susumu Okamoto


I was born in an extended family in the south of Thailand; the country is claimed as ‘land of smile’. At high school, I did well in science and loved nature. Thanks to my parents, they allowed my brothers and me to choose our own lives. I chose a major in Biology for my undergrad study and today I can make a living out of my dream job, a researcher. For my spare time, I have done a lot of things but the most favorite activity is traveling. I enjoy seeing new places and experiencing art, local specialty, music as well as culture. The reason I applied for UNU-Kirin fellowship programme is that I would like to broaden my research expertise in a filed of secondary metabolite by working with leading scientists in the state-of-the-art laboratory. Microbial Function Laboratory of NFRI is one of a kind. In support of advisor, fellows, staffs from UNU and NFRI, I believe that I will have a great training experience during a course of fellowship programme. Also, I expect to learn more about Japan and Japanese culture. I knew Japan from either watching traveling documentary or reading books. I would like to explore real Japan by my own eyes, ears, hands and heart.


Le Thi Thu Hong, Vietnam

Affiliation in Home Country Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST), Institute of Biotechnology (IBT), Genetic Engineering Lab Researcher (since 1999)
Research Themes Genetic improvement of secondary metabolite production of an industrial bacterial strain
Laboratory Applied Bacteriology Laboratory
Advisor Dr. Keitarou Kimura


I received a B.Sc. degree in Biology from Hanoi University of Science (HUS). I was awarded a scholarship by Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) for attending PhD course in Germany and obtained PhD degree in molecular biology in 2007 at Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Science and School of Medicine, Ernst-Moritz-Arndt University Greifswald, Germany. From 1999 up to present, I am a researcher at Genetic Engineering Lab (GEL), Institute of Biotechnology (IBT), Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology (VAST).

I would like to express my appreciation to UNUKirin Fellowship Programme supported by Kirin Holdings Company. It will be a good opportunity for me to work with Japanese scientific experts and thus greatly help to improve my knowledge. The experience after attending the program will be also very beneficial for my future research career in Vietnam. I am interested in the fields of "Omics", mutagenesis and development of agricultural and medical uses. I have been invited for short time scientific visit/exchange in Japan. I am quite impressed with Japanese culture, spirit and working capacity. I am looking forward to get fruits of research and experience in Japan.

T. Vanitha, India

Affiliation in Home Country Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) Department of Fruit and Vegetable Technology Scientist (from 20.08.2009 - till date)
Research Themes Studies on extension of shelf life of fruits and vegetables using functional packaging materials
Laboratory Distribution Laboratory
Advisor Dr. Takeo Shiina


I am Vanitha, presently working as Scientist in the department of Fruit and Vegetable Technology at CSIR-CFTRI, Mysore. I have a doctoral degree in the area of Food processing. My expectation from UNU-Kirin fellowship programme is to get exposure and valuable experience in research and development activities related to advanced Food Science and Technology. The concept of functional food packaging has emerged in recent times which apart from providing good barrier properties, aims to provide additional attributes to the packaging material. These may include antimicrobial action against food spoilage organisms, enhancing food color, flavor and texture of the food products etc. Additionally, these coatings may be edible, non-toxic and biodegradable. In this direction use of bio·nanoparticles seems to be a lucrative and effective option to increase the shelf life of food products and exhibit functional attributes. Apart from my own research interest, I would also like to interact and have discussion with other scientific staff of NFRI, and update my knowledge in the area of Food Science. I am looking forward for a very fruitful and rich experience at NFRI.