Management Issues for Sustainable Growth
(Group Materiality Matrix)

  • Materiality Selection Procedures

The Kirin Group has selected management issues for sustainable growth (Group Materiality Matrix [GMM]) that represent important themes for the long-term sustainability and development of the Group and of society as a whole. As part of this endeavor, we undergo a process involving dialogues with our stakeholders with the formulation of every medium-term business plan (a three-year period), trying to grasp the future needs of society, and review the scope and contents of the related issues.

Items Included in Management Issues for Sustainable Growth

  • A Responsible Alcohol Producer: Responsible drinking / passing a culture of enjoying alcoholic beverages to the next generation
  • Health and Well-being: Supporting self-care for healthy people and people with pre-disease / Evolution in medical treatment / Health and productivity management
  • Community Engagement: Contributing to community vitalization / Enhancing sustainable production of raw materials
  • The Environment: Reflecting environmental activities in our business strategies (Climate change / Water resources / Biological resources / Container and packaging / Food waste)
  • Safety and reliability of our products: Food safety and food security
  • Responsibility as a pharmaceutical manufacturer: Stable supply of products and services / Transparent relationships with medical institutions and others
  • Human rights: Initiatives to address human rights problems
  • Sustainable supply chain: Human rights, labor, the environment, and anti-corruption in the supply chain / Stable procurement of raw materials / Sustainable logistics
  • Human resources and corporate culture: Embracing diversity and inclusion / Development of human resources, an open and accommodating organizational culture
  • Corporate governance: Governance and transparency / Risk management / Compliance

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