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June 25, 2009

Sale of Pernod Ricard shares and impact on business result

Tokyo, June 25, 2009— Further to the press release announced on April 14, 2009, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited ("Kirin") has completed the sale of shares held in Pernod Ricard, as outlined below.

(1) Summary of the sale of Pernod Ricard shares

  • Company name: Pernod Ricard S.A.
    Head office: Paris France
  • Number of shares sold: 8,227,544 shares
  • Percentage of total outstanding Pernod Ricard shares sold: 3.74%

(2) Purchaser of the shares

Le Delos InvestIII (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Societe Paul Ricard)

(3) Proceeds from the shares

Approx. 378 million (Approx. ¥50.6billion)   * 1.00 = approx. ¥133.90(as of June 24,2009)

    The Proceeds mainly includes the following:
  • Sale price by the private transaction with Le Delos InvestIII
  • Sale price of the new share subscription rights granted to Kirin as part of the rights issue announced on April 8, 2009 by Pernod Ricard

(4) Impact on business result

At this stage there is no change to Kirin's forecasts for the year.