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October 7, 2014

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Kirin Holdings Selected for Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (President and CEO: Senji Miyake; hereinafter "Kirin Holdings") announced today that it has been selected for the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia/Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific), which is one of the world's leading indices for socially responsible investment (SRI).

DJSI is a stock index developed jointly by U.S.-based Dow Jones and Swiss-based Sustainable Asset Management (SAM) Group, a research company conducting research on SRI. DJSI assesses corporate sustainability with regard to economic, environmental, and social performance.

This year, the DJSI Asia Pacific selected 148 companies (of which, 65 are Japanese companies, including Kirin Holdings), out of 600 leading companies in the Asia Pacific.

In addition to DJSI Asia Pacific, Kirin Holdings has been included in the FTSE4Good Index Series, the Morningstar Socially Responsible Investment Index (MS-SRI) compiled by Morningstar Japan K.K..

The Kirin Group operates in the food and health industries. Whatever we do, we strive to ensure that the natural environment will continue to be the source of food; wherever we operate, we seek to help society achieve sustainable development.