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February 15, 2016

Notice Regarding enactment of the Corporate Governance Policy

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (“Kirin Holdings”) hereby announces that it has enacted the following Corporate Governance Policy as the basic policy on corporate governance, which is in line with and to facilitate realization of further developed Long-Term Vision, “Kirin Group Vision 2021” as well as newly formulated “Kirin Group 2016-2018 Mid-Term Business Plan”.

  • 1.Basic view on corporate governance
    • ・In line with the Kirin Group’s philosophy and “One Kirin” values that are shared across the Kirin Group (henceforth the "Group"), the Group believes that achieving the 2021 Vision outlined in the Group’s Long-Term Vision “KV2021” will lead to the Group’s sustainable growth and to greater corporate value over the medium to long term. Accordingly, the Group will develop a corporate governance system that is capable of effectively and efficiently reaching that goal.
    • ・The Group believes that cooperation with all of its stakeholders will be indispensable in order to put its corporate philosophy into practice and turn the 2021 Vision that is based on this philosophy into a reality, and therefore respects its stakeholders’ respective viewpoints.
    • ・The Group will disclose information promptly to its shareholders and investors in a transparent, fair and consistent fashion, will proactively engage in constructive dialogue with its shareholders and investors, and will fulfill its accountability with integrity.
    • <The Kirin Group’s philosophy>
      The Kirin Group - Focused on people, nature and craftsmanship to redefine the joy of food and wellbeing
    • <2021 Vision>
      Co-achieve sustainable growth with our societies by realizing value creation, addressing social issues and understanding consumer expectations via the core businesses* of the Kirin group
      * alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, pharmaceuticals and bio-chemicals
    • <“One Kirin” Values>
      “Passion and Integrity”
  • 2.Contents of the Corporate Governance Policy
    • Section 1 General Provisions
      Section 2 Corporate governance system
      Section 3 Appropriate cooperation with stakeholders
      Section 4 Proper disclosure of information and constructive dialogue with shareholders and investors
    • Appendix 1 Overall structure of “KV2021”
      Appendix 2 Criteria regarding the independence of Outside Officers
      Appendix 3 Disclosure Policy
      Table on Compliance with the Corporate Governance Code (for reference)
  • 3.Website