Kirin Group Establishes its Plastic Policy

Aiming for 50% recycled plastic in PET materials used by our domestic businesses by 2027

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February 7, 2019

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (President and CEO: Yoshinori Isozaki) has established the Kirin Group Plastic Policy, an effort aimed at addressing the challenges of plastic waste1, which represent one of the most pressing environment-related social issues. The Kirin Group understands the fundamental challenges regarding plastic and will accelerate appropriate efforts regarding plastic containers, packaging, and other materials provided by group companies to promote the sustainable use of plastic and the resource circulation.

  1. Plastic is used for a variety of products, containers and packaging because of its convenience. Its types and applications are wide-ranging, and its collection and recycling rates vary by the type of plastic used, so it is difficult to say that all plastic is being circulated efficiently. There have also been international reports that plastic waste discarded in the environment eventually flows into the ocean, resulting in ocean pollution and impacting the ecosystem.

The Kirin Group Plastic Policy

(1) Promoting recycling of PET bottles

  • The plastic containers, packaging, and other materials provided by the Kirin Group are mostly PET used for beverage bottles and the Kirin Group has used recycled resin for a part of them.. The Kirin Group will promote the recycling of PET bottles by aiming to increase this recycled plastic ratio to 50% by 2027.
    The recycling of PET bottles cannot be promoted without an efficient method for collecting high-quality used PET bottles. At the Kirin Group, we will proactively work with national and local governments, and industry organizations to create an efficient collection and reuse system for high-quality used PET bottles.

(2) Efforts to eliminate single-use plastic2 and replace it with other materials

  • Most plastic waste is comprised of what is referred to as single-use plastic. The Kirin Group will make efforts to eliminate the single-use plastic provided by its group companies and replace it with other materials.
  1. Disposable plastic that is used once and not intended for reuse.

(3) Improving sustainability of raw materials for PET bottle

  • At the Kirin Group, we have made continuous efforts to reduce the weight of our PET bottles from the standpoint of reducing our environmental impact. We will keep striving toward even lighter bottles in the future.
    In addition, to improve the sustainability of raw materials for PET bottle, we will study the introduction of PET bottle materials derived from non-edible plants to reduce our dependence on petroleum resources.

In addition to the above measures, we will proactively participate in educational programs to promote plastic recycling, coastal cleanup activities, and other programs.

Kirin Beverage Company, Limited (President and CEO: Hideki Horiguchi) also endorses the Soft Drink Business Plastic Resource Reclamation Declaration 2018 announced last year by the Japan Soft Drink Association, and will take proactive measures to realize the “100% Effective Utilization of PET Bottles by 2030” plan put forth by the industry.

The Kirin Group intends to proactively address various social issues in an effort to work together with everyone in the value chain to share the spirit of continuously and sustainably enjoying the blessing nature into the future.

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