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Playing a leading role as a responsible alcohol producer as called for in the Kirin Group CSV Purpose

Kirin to Release "Slow Drink®" Advertisements Promoting Responsible Drinking in Pursuit of Zero Harmful Drinking During the Holiday Season

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November 27, 2019

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (President and CEO: Yoshinori Isozaki) plans to begin running advertisements promoting responsible drinking on Twitter (Japanese version) starting Friday, December 6, ahead of the peak season for New Year gatherings. The aim of the ads is to prevent the binge drinking, speed drinking, and other dangerous modes of consuming alcohol often observed at these events, and to promote and encourage responsible drinking.
The Company unveiled the Kirin Group CSV*1 Purpose, which provides guidelines for creating shared value with society and promoting sustainable growth, and serves as long-term, non-financial targets incorporated into the Kirin Group Vision 2027, which represents the Group’s long-term management vision.
The ad campaign is part of our efforts to play a leading role as a responsible alcohol producer as called for in the CSV Purpose.

  1. CSV: Creating Shared Value. It is all about creating value that can be shared with customers and society.

The number of people transported emergently to hospitals for acute alcohol poisoning is increasing each year;*2 roughly half of those people are in their 20s. The advertisements emphasize the life-threatening danger of binge drinking and other harmful modes of consuming alcohol, and promote responsible drinking namely to people in their 20s who have little experience with alcohol. The ads also communicate the importance of responsible drinking to fulfill the Company’s social responsibility as a manufacturer and seller of alcoholic beverages.

  1. According to investigations by the fire departments of Tokyo, Osaka, and Nagoya

The Company also plans to stream subtitled English versions of the advertisements with the aim of sharing the message with the world to address the global social issue of harmful alcohol consumption.

YouTube release of subtitled English version

SLOW DRINK (I was just going a little too fast) English version


The Company is proposing “Slow Drink®” as a new method of drinking in which people take a relaxed approach to consuming alcohol: being smart and keeping the situation pleasant by drinking in moderation while enjoying good food and conversation with others.
We have created an official logo for “Slow Drink® ”, and intend to promote new values for alcohol as part of the public education campaign for responsible drinking we are undertaking as an alcohol producer.

In the business environment in which the Kirin Group operates, companies are under increasing pressure to tackle social issues, which include health problems caused by harmful drinking.
We are committed to promoting zero harmful drinking and ensuring that people will continue to enjoy a responsible drinking culture for generations to come.

The Kirin Group is committed to playing its role as a responsible alcohol producer and addressing the three key social issues: “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment.” By fulfilling these commitments, the Group brings joy to society and a bright future to our customers.

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