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Château Mercian Mariko Winery Chosen Yet Again By “World’s Best Vineyards 2021”

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September 22, 2021

Mercian Corporation

● Second year in a row in the Top 50, 33rd out of 100
● Only Japanese winery to be chosen (again) among 2,000 global wineries
● Wines imported and sold by Mercian Group from four ranking wineries also selected

TOKYO, September 21, 2021 – Mercian Corporation’s Château Mercian Mariko Winery placed 33rd in the World's Best Vineyards 2021(https://www.worldsbestvineyards.com/), held in Germany on September 20. The Château Mercian Mariko Winery is the only Japanese winery to have placed in the competition two years in a row. Other winners include four wineries whose wines are imported and sold by Mercian Corporation: González Byass - Bodega Tío Pepe (Spain) in 9th place, Trapiche (Argentina) in 18th place, Penfolds Magill Estate (Australia) in 37th place, and Robert Mondavi Winery (United States), the highest-ranking winery in North America at 40th place.

Part of the Kirin Group and one of Japan's leading wine producers, Mercian Corporation produces and imports quality wines. Mercian Corporation is committed to fostering a “wine culture” in Japan by providing and communicating this homegrown quality as well as expanding the Japanese wine industry in Japan and abroad; increasing Japanese wine recognition globally.

● World’s Best Vineyards

World's Best Vineyards is organized and compiled by William Reed Business Media (WRBM). The awards highlight the 100 best vineyards globally, and started guiding travelers to the finest wine experiences in the world. Now running for the third time, the awards were launched in 2019. WRBM also hosts the International Wine Challenge (IWC), the world's foremost wine competition. Château Mercian Fuefuki Koshu Gris de Gris 2019 took gold in the Orange Wine category in this year’s IWC awards.

Nearly 600 global wine and travel specialists from all over the world evaluate wineries on a range of factors such as tours, tastings, atmosphere, wine quality, food, staff, surroundings, value for money, reputation and location and then vote for their top seven wineries. The best 100 are at the top of the list of wineries nominated by this academy of experts. 2,000 wineries were nominated in 2021, with the top 100 receiving the award.

● Château Mercian Mariko Winery

Opened in 2003 in Ueda City, nestled in the breathtaking Japanese Alps in Nagano Prefecture, the vineyard is a 29-hectare estate that cultivates eight varieties of grapes, including Merlot, Chardonnay, Syrah and Sauvignon Blanc. In 2019, Mercian Corporation opened the Château Mercian Mariko Winery on the hillside of the vineyard, where visitors can see the entire process from grape growing to winemaking. The wines from the Mariko Vineyard have been used at official events in Japan.

● Quotes From Château Mercian Winemakers

Mr. Mitsuhiro Anzo, Château Mercian General Manager

“I’m delighted that Château Mercian Mariko Winery placed in the Top 50 again in the World's Best Vineyards. Once COVID-19 settles down, we invite anyone coming to Japan to come and visit us at the Mariko Winery. Our staff look forward to welcoming you to our vast vineyards, winery tours, tastings and the joy of wine. We will continue to work hard to make Japan one of the world's foremost wine regions.”

Mr. Hironori Kobayashi, Château Mercian Mariko Winery Manager

“We are excited to announce yet again that the Château Mercian Mariko Winery has been recognized worldwide. We are very grateful to have been selected among so many other famous wineries. We will continue to work in harmony with the local community and with nature going into future, and we hope to grow together with the local residents. We will continue to make passionately make global-level wine at the Château Mercian Mariko Winery to make the Nagano area a world famous wine-growing region.”

● Mercian Group Imports Wines From These Four Other Winners

No. 9: González Byass - Bodega Tío Pepe (Spain)

González Byass, founded in 1835, is one of the leading figures in the development of sherry into a world-famous wine. Last year, the company opened the world's first sherry hotel in the center of Jerez, and was selected as the 9th place for its efforts to raise the level of winery visits and hospitality in Jerez into a higher quality experience.

No. 18: Trapiche (Argentina)

Founded in 1883, Trapiche's pioneering spirit continues to change the way people view the world of Argentine wine. With a winery and vineyards in a spectacular location overlooking the Andes Mountains, a museum explaining the philosophy of biodynamic farming, and a tour that includes a visit to the vegetable garden of Espacio Trapiche - a highly acclaimed restaurant in the gastronomy world - Trapiche was ranked 50th last year. Trapiche improved its rank the most in 2021, moving from 50th place last year to 18th place this year.

No. 37: Penfolds Magill Estate (Australia)

Magill Estate in Penfolds is one of Australia's oldest estates and has played an important role in Australian winemaking, particularly through its Shiraz. The estate was selected for 37th place for its innovative approach, including collaborations with California and Champagne.

No. 40: Robert Mondavi Winery (USA)

Founded in 1966 by Robert Mondavi, this is the winery that led California to become one of the world's most famous wine regions. In addition to the Fumé Blanc created by Robert Mondavi and the wines produced from the To Kalon Vineyard - which means "beauty of the highest order" in Greek - the winery has received high praise for its elegant lifestyle of food and art. This is the third year in a row that the winery has been selected as the top winery in North America.

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