Kirin Group Receives Highest Rating for fourth Consecutive Year from CDP about Supplier Engagement Leader

Kirin Holdings Wins Three Global Awards for Climate Initiatives from World’s No. 1 Climate Research Provider

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February 17, 2022

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

● A List recognizes environmental transparency and impact of environmental initiatives
● A List is run by CDP, a global non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure system
● Factors include Kirin Holdings’ climate change in four areas: governance, targets Scope 3 emissions, and collaboration with suppliers.

TOKYO, Thursday February 17, 2022 - Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (Kirin Holdings) was selected as a Supplier Engagement Leader-member by CDP(, an international non-profit organization that provides environmental information disclosure systems, and the announcement was made on Thursday, February 10. This is the fourth year in a row that Kirin Holdings has been selected to the Leader, and in fiscal 2021, Kirin Holdings was also selected to the "A List(" *1- the highest rating - for Climate Change and Water Security, respectively.

CDP's Supplier Engagement Assessment( evaluates a company's efforts to address climate change in four areas: governance, targets, Scope 3 emissions, and collaboration with suppliers. CDP surveys more than 5,700 companies around the world, and recognizes those that are making particularly outstanding efforts as "Leader " companies. A Supplier Engagement Leader-member had selected the top 8% of companies that were doing particularly well.
*1: Kirin Holdings’ listing can be found on Page 7 of The A List 2021(

Kirin Holdings believes that the following factors were recognized for A List the selection in 2021.

Carbon Reduction Goals. Aiming to be carbon neutral by 2050, Kirin Holdings has set a high goal of reducing the total of Scope 1 and Scope 2 by 50% and Scope 3 by 30% by 2030 compared to 2019. In 2020, Kirin Holdings obtained approval for the Science-based Targets (SBT)*2 Initiative’s (SBTi(*3 ‘1.5°C target’ (declaration of 100% renewable energy for electricity use by 2040).
Emissions Reduction Initiatives. Specific GHG*4 emissions reductions initiatives the include, in addition to thorough energy conservation activities, implementation of fuel switching, introduction of heat pumps at Kirin Holdings’ domestic breweries, use of renewable energy sources such as solar power, wind power, power derived from hydroelectric power, and power generation using biogas from wastewater treatment facilities, and achieving 100% renewable energy for all electricity purchased at domestic beer breweries (beginning at Kirin Brewery Nagoya in 2021, Kirin Brewery Sendai in 2022), the introduction of solar-powered electricity through PPA model *5
Water Conservation Activities. Assessing the water risks of watersheds at Kirin Holdings’ global manufacturing sites and formulating and implementing strategies that reflect these risks; conducting water source conservation activities within plantations in Sri Lanka, the main production area for Kirin Gogo-no-Kocha; and continuing Kirin Holdings’ industry-leading ‘Suigen no Mori’ (Forest of Water Sources) activities.
Environmental Transparency. Disclosing information on scenario analysis and reflecting it in strategies as called for by the recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosure (TCFD(*6). Kirin Holdings was the first Japanese food company to support for the proposal.

*2: Greenhouse gas emission reduction targets set by companies for five to 15 years in the future, consistent with the levels required by the Paris Agreement (which aims to limit the global temperature increase to well below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to limit it to 1.5 degrees Celsius).
*3: An initiative established in 2015 by the CDP, the United Nations Global Compact, the World Resources Institute and WWF.
For reference:
*4: Greenhouse gases
*5: PPA Power Purchase Agreement. PPA model is a business model through which the PPA supplier installs solar power generation equipment on the end user’s premises or facility rooftop free of charge, and the power generated is then sold to the end user.
*6: Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures.

About CDP

CDP is a global non-profit that runs the world’s environmental disclosure system for companies, cities, states and regions. Founded in 2000 and working with more than 590 investors with over $110 trillion in assets, CDP pioneered using capital markets and corporate procurement to motivate companies to disclose their environmental impacts, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, safeguard water resources and protect forests. Over 14,000 organizations around the world disclosed data through CDP in 2021, including more than 13,000 companies worth over 64% of global market capitalization, and over 1,100 cities, states and regions. Fully TCFD aligned, CDP holds the largest environmental database in the world, and CDP scores are widely used to drive investment and procurement decisions towards a zero carbon, sustainable and resilient economy. CDP is a founding member of the Science Based Targets initiative, We Mean Business Coalition, The Investor Agenda and the Net Zero Asset Managers initiative.

Background: Kirin Group‘s Environmental Vision

In February 2020, the Kirin Group revised its former Kirin Group Environmental Vision formulated in 2013 and formulated the Kirin Group‘s Environmental Vision 2050, a new long-term strategy for strengthening the resilience of society, aiming not only to minimize negative impact but also create a positive impact on society and passing a better Earth on to the next generation. The vision statement states that Kirin Holdings must work to reduce the environmental impact of Kirin Holdings’ activities on living things and that it must work to reduce the environmental impact of its activities on living things. The vision statement identifies biological resources, water resources, containers and packaging, and climate change as four important areas to be addressed in Kirin Holdings’ business.

About Kirin Holdings

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited is an international company that operates in the Food & Beverages domain (Food & Beverages businesses), Kirin Holdings Company, Limited is an international company that operates in the Food & Beverages domain (Food & Beverages businesses), Pharmaceuticals domain (Pharmaceuticals businesses), and Health Science domain (Health Science business), both in Japan and across the globe. Kirin Holdings can trace its roots to Japan Brewery which was established in 1885. Japan Brewery became Kirin Brewery in 1907. expanded its business with fermentation and biotechnology as its core technologies, and entered the pharmaceutical business in the 1980s, all of which continue to be global growth centers. In 2007, Kirin Holdings was established as a pure holding company and is currently focusing on boosting its Health Science domain. Science domain.

Under the Kirin Group Vision 2027 (KV 2027), a long-term management plan launched in 2019, the Kirin Group aims to become "A global leader in CSV*, creating value across our world of Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals. Going forward, the Kirin Group will continue to leverage its strengths to create both social and economic value through its businesses, with the aim of achieving sustainable growth in corporate value.
* Creating Shared Value: combined added value for consumers as well as for society at large.

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