Revised Kirin Group Human Rights Policy to Accelerate Efforts at Global Level

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November 08, 2023

Kirin Holdings Company, Limited

TOKYO, Wednesday November 8, 2023 – Kirin Holdings Company, Limited (President & CEO: Yoshinori Isozaki) revised the Kirin Group Human Rights Policy on November 8, 2023, in order to step up its human rights efforts to the best practice level,※1 taking into account changes in the global environment surrounding human rights and our experience in Myanmar.
※1 Global, high-level industry standard.

Under the Kirin Group Vision 2027 (KV2027), our long-term management vision, we aim to “become a global leader in CSV”,※2 and human rights initiatives are the foundation of this vision. Based on the belief that “all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights,” as stated in the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights, we position this policy as the top priority policy for all related documents and standards in our business activities. We will also seek understanding of this policy from all employees of domestic and overseas group companies and various business partners involved in the value chain, and make appropriate approaches to them.
※2 Creating Shared Value. Combined added value for consumers as well as for society at large.

This policy reflects the commitment of the entire Kirin Group to respect human rights. We will engage in “human rights due diligence”※3 to identify, prevent, and reduce negative human rights impacts in our value chain, including suppliers of raw materials and agricultural products, and take appropriate measures to correct any negative impacts. We will prioritize and address identified human rights issues, and continuously evolve our activities through appropriate information disclosure and dialogue with our stakeholders. We will create positive impacts on society through the identification of new human rights issues and solutions to them.
※3 A series of processes including identification and assessment of negative human rights impacts, prevention and mitigation of such impacts, evaluation of the effectiveness of efforts, and explanation and information disclosure of the status of efforts to resolve the issues.

Revision Points

・In accordance with the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights, and with reference to the international standards,※4 the existing Kirin Group Human Rights Policy has been made more specific and developed.
・The human rights governance system specifies that the Kirin Group’s Board of Directors is responsible for overseeing human rights issues and the status of efforts to respect human rights, and that the executive officer in charge of Personnel and General Affairs is responsible for initiatives for respecting human rights.
・The company classifies its stakeholders as (1) consumers, (2) business partners, (3) community, and (4) employees, and specifies in detail the human rights issues that are important to each of them. The company does not tolerate discrimination of any kind and gives special consideration to the human rights of women and children, and social minorities such as persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, and linguistic minorities persons with disabilities, ethnic minorities, indigenous peoples, and linguistic minorities.
・It states that grievance mechanisms and access to remedies shall be ensured, and that appropriate and effective remedies shall be provided in cases where it is found that a negative impact on human rights has been caused or contributed to.
※4 The International Bill of Human Rights and other international human rights norms.

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