世界のCSV先進企業を目指す キリンホールディングス株式会社の基本情報をご確認いただけます 世界のCSV先進企業を目指す キリンホールディングス株式会社の基本情報をご確認いただけます


  • Established on

    Feb 23rd,1907

  • Share capital

    ¥102.0 billion

  • Revenue

    ¥1, 849.5 billion

  • Normalized Operating Profit

    ¥162.1 billion

  • Group Companies

    192 companies

  • Number of Employees


  • Corporate brand favorability

    $2,236 million

  • Employee engagement score

    73 %

(FY2020 Results)

Group Companies

KIRIN brings joy to society by crafting food and healthcare products inspired by the blessings of nature and the insights of our customers.

Quality Assurance Policies and Approaches

Kirin Group makes every effort to ensure product safety and maintain high levels of consumer satisfaction, based on its "Consumer-first approach" "Steady focus on quality" reflects values embraced throughout its history.

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