Corporate Policy

Corporate Philosophy

KIRIN brings joy to society by crafting food and healthcare products inspired by the blessings of nature and the insights of our customers.

We pride ourselves on offering products based on what people want.
We pride ourselves on our ability to harness the blessings of nature through innovative technology.
We pride ourselves on delivering tangible satisfaction and quality in everything we make.
All of which ensures that we exceed customers' expectations.
And naturally, we do not stop there.
As we look forward with vision and dreams, we aim to continue offering food and healthcare products that bring new joy to people's lives everywhere.
Always a step ahead, the Kirin Group supports health, pleasure and comfort in your life.

Corporate Slogan

Joy brings us together

This phrase captures the Kirin Group‘s spirit, guiding us into the future. We believe that no matter how much the world may change, the joy of living a full and healthy life, in mind and body, brings us happiness -- for ourselves, for those we love, and for the whole society.
Joy is the essence of what holds people and society together. Joy inspires us and generates positivity. Ever since our foundation, KIRIN has introduced new tastes and experiences, enriching people's daily lives. We will continue to strengthen the bonds between people, connect society and bring the joys by crafting foods and healthcare products.
The joy of healthy living. The joy of living in harmony with our local communities and our natural environment. The joy of sharing special moments. The joy of connecting with other people.
Kirin promises to keep working to spread the benefits of joy.

~a symbol of the Kirin Group, “The KIRIN, the messenger of Good Luck”~

The KIRIN is said to appear as a prelude to joyous times to come.  
We chose the KIRIN to appear on the Kirin Beer label in 1888.  
We will continue to wish good luck and bring joy to all of our customers.

KIRIN Brand Movie

「Joy brings us together」

Kirin has been and will continue to create and connect with customers the joy of connecting with other people, society, and nature.

Kirin will continue to take a step towards a new world by creating joy in areas ranging from food & beverages to pharmaceuticals.

Our CSV Purpose

The Kirin Group is committed to playing its role as a responsible alcohol producer and addressing three key social issues: “health and well-being”, “community engagement”, and “the environment”. By fulfilling these commitments, the Group brings joy to society and a bright future to our customers.

  • Our CSV

2027 Vision

A global leader in CSV, creating value across our world of Food & Beverages to Pharmaceuticals

Kirin's unique business domains

Redefine Kirin’s business domains as the illustration.
Work to establish and foster Health Science businesses utilizing the organizational capabilities and resources accumulated in the existing core businesses.

  • キリングループの事業領域

"One KIRIN" Values

”Passion. Integrity. Diversity."


Our determination to continuously provide our customers and society with new value propositions based on innovative ideas, and our enthusiasm to meet goals with pride in the companies we work for and the brands we offer.


Our gratitude to our stakeholders for always helping us move forward, and our promise to remain honest and humble in every business activity to serve them better.


Our respect for different perspectives and values that enable constructive discussions, and our belief that the "differences" have the power to change the world and create better solutions.

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