Ensuring Product Safety and Reliability in the Health Science Domain

Our Quality Assurance Practices in the Health Science Domain

In the Health Science domain, our Research and Development Department, Quality Compliance Section, Health Science Department, and Kirin Group companies that market health science products all work together in promoting quality assurance that starts from fundamental research into materials and ingredients and extends to product development and after-sales follow-ups.
We leverage technologies accumulated in our Food & Beverages and Pharmaceuticals domains as well as our wealth of advanced fermentation and bio technologies to conduct a wide range of fundamental research into materials and ingredients. When developing new health science products using materials originally developed by Group companies, we conduct quality assessments in a manner tailored to each product type. During this process, the Quality Compliance Section evaluates the safety and effectiveness of materials and products across the value chain as part of its efforts to implement upgraded quality assurance practices in the Health Science business.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance of Foods with Function Claims

Japanese regulations require that manufacturers of foods with function claims report to the authorities before starting to market them that the claims are supported by scientific evidence and meet regulatory requirements. This procedure is different from the one applied to foods for specified health use, which requires manufacturers to submit samples to regulatory authorities for test and approval.
To ensure that our function claims are scientifically valid, we have established the Quality Compliance Section, responsible for validating supporting data and function claims—independently of Kirin Group companies and the departments responsible for conducting fundamental research, developing food and beverage products, filing applications with regulatory authorities, and marketing them.
Even after our products with function claims hit store shelves, the Quality Compliance Section continues to collect and evaluate up-to-date information regarding the safety and effectiveness of functional substances contained in those products, and also analyzes consumer complaints.

Roles Kirin Group Companies and Departments Play for Foods with Function Claims

  • Roles Kirin Group Companies and Departments Play for Foods with Function Claims