Within the Kirin Group, we define compliance as "fulfilling both legal and ethical responsibilities that society expects from us by adhering to laws, internal and external regulations and rules, and social norms, so that the Kirin Group can avoid the risk of suffering unexpected financial loss or of destroying its credibility and can retain and strengthen the trust of stakeholders." Group Risk and Compliance Committee promotes and manages Group-wide compliance activities, while each Group company integrates compliance activities into Risk management processes to ensure effective implementation.

Compliance Guideline

  • Compliance Guideline

    An internal material to raise awareness about "Compliance Guidelines"

The "Kirin Group Compliance Guidelines" discuss legal compliance and spell out the dos and don'ts of ethical behavior. We update the "Compliance Guidelines" whenever necessary to keep them relevant to changing social requirements such as those recommended by the United Nations Global Compact and OECD. Group companies formulate and distribute tools to raise the awareness of their employees about "Compliance Guidelines." In Japan, a handbook titled "The RULE" is distributed to all employees in an effort to ensure compliance.
As part of our anti-corruption efforts, we have established the Kirin Group Anti-Corruption Guidelines and the Kirin Group Anti-Corruption Regulations. At the same time, we are moving forward with efforts to establish a structure for corruption prevention.

Compliance Training

Kirin Group companies in Japan provide all of their employees with compliance training annually. Employees learn through group discussions that compliance is not something other people do for them but something they have to do for themselves; that they are expected to give their superiors timely and accurate information with not only positive but also negative implications; and that they need to act in an open and fair manner. Employees gain an understanding of these basics of compliance to become sensitive to changes in society. Overseas, we offer educational sessions to promote compliance in a manner that is most appropriate to each country or region.

Compliance Hotline

The Kirin Group has two compliance hotlines: one is an internal hotline manned by Kirin staffers and the other is an external one staffed by a third party. The external hotline is operated by a contracted consultant and offers greater confidentiality to callers.

How Hotlines Work

Initiatives to Prevent Misconduct in Research Activities

To prevent misconduct in the research activities of each company involved in Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, we have established and operate a consultation and whistle-blowing system, put in place internal regulations, and conduct training in accordance with the Kirin Group’s Compliance Guidelines.

  • General manager (person with the authority to oversee overall efforts to improve research ethics and prevent misconduct, etc.): Head of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited Research and Development Division
  • Divisional managers (personnel responsible for improving research ethics and preventing misconduct in relevant divisions and departments): Head of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited Research and Development Division and the heads of research and development divisions of regional companies (for Mercian, the head of each technological division and department).
  • Research ethics education managers (personnel with substantial authority in regard to research ethics education): Personnel appointed by the divisional managers.