Example of Business Activities Based on the Value Creation Model

May 31, 2024

In business activities, the Kirin Group uses the Value Creation Model, which sustainably amplifies social and economic value through a cycle from INPUT to OUTCOME. In this special feature, we look at TAPPY, small dispensers, of Kirin Brewery Company, Limited, and how it is creating value.



As infrastructure that creates innovation, the following resources were invested

Diversity and inclusion, culture for innovation

In order to resolve social issues in the food service industry, the Sales Department and Corporate Planning Department, Kirin Brewery, and the members of the Institute for Packaging Innovation, Kirin Holdings Company, Limited, gathered to collaborate on a project and developed TAPPY, a next-generation beer server.

Core technology that assures value creation

DLC Coating, the Kirin Group’s proprietary gas barrier technology, is used on the inside surface of the plastic bottle containers for the beer used with TAPPY. This coating prevents oxygen infiltration, suppresses beer oxidation, and enables the beer to maintain its quality for an extended period. TAPPY incorporates a series of unique designs in its beer flow path for rapid cleaning.

Consumer centric marketing expertise

With the diversification of consumers’ tastes, there has been a reduction in the amount of beer being ordered at restaurants and of opportunities to eat out. This has caused it to take longer for a barrel of beer (minimum of 7 L) to be consumed, creating the possibility of serving beer that has lost its quality. In order to provide customers with fresh, delicious beer, Kirin Brewery developed a service using small 3 L plastic bottle containers.

ICT accelerating value creation

In addition to in-person sales activities conducted by Kirin Brewery’s sales representative, Kirin Brewery is also making efforts in new sales activities using digital technology. They are also digitalizing negotiation methods and tools, such as using social media advertisements to guide consumers to the TAPPY website, leading to transactions, and creating QR codes that connect to explanatory videos for TAPPY.



Took social issues as opportunities for growth, leveraged INPUT, and engaged in business.
As a result, TAPPY, a solution to social issues, was born.

Social issues

Since COVID-19 was reclassified as a Class 5 infectious disease, food service demand has recovered, but while restaurants are becoming busier, several issues such as worker shortages and logistics issues are coming to surface in the food service industry. To create a sustainable food service industry, it is vital that these social issues are resolved.

  • TAPPY. Contribute to resolving social issues, such as by securing sufficient profits in the entire food service industry, revitalizing the beer and food service markets, and reducing the burden on logistics and food loss.

  • TAPPY. Contribute to resolving social issues, such as by securing sufficient profits in the entire food service industry, revitalizing the beer and food service markets, and reducing the burden on logistics and food loss.

Small plastic bottle containers that are quickly replaced makes it Delicious

  • Bottles hold 3 L. They are changed after about 10 servings, so it’s always fresh.
  • Bottles are consistently chilled after opening, so they are slow to expire.

Light bottles and easy cleaning makes it Simple

  • Small, light bottles makes it easy to carry and change them.
  • Cleaning the dispenser is now much easier.

Nearly negligible beer loss makes it Economical

  • Almost no beer is lost after bottle replacement or when rinsing the server with water.
  • Reduces the yearly costs of a restaurant by about 160,000 yen.*
  •  *According to Kirin Brewery



Received support of restaurants and alcoholic-beverage retailers and created economic and social value.

Economic value

  • Improved the experience of drinking KIRIN ICHIBAN
  • Expanded the number of retailers

Social value

Social issues that will be resolved

  • Reduction of worker shortages in the business market
  • Reduction of food loss (loss of beer during cleaning, etc.)
  • Reduction of worker shortages in restaurants and logistics
  • Reduction of GHG from transportation

Value for consumers

  • Delicious KIRIN ICHIBAN can be enjoyed at even more locations

Value enjoyed by TAPPY partners

  • Restaurants
    Increased sales from improved quality, less burden on workers, and larger profits from less beer loss during cleaning and less labor
  • Alcoholic-beverage retailers & exclusive distributors
    Less burden on workers and larger profits from reduced logistics and labor costs
  • Number of locations using TAPPY

  • Number of locations using TAPPY

Now available at more than 20,000 locations in Japan since national launch 2.5 years ago!

Due to the recent rise in the number of restaurants with few staff members, drink service and low-cost operations are important to efficiently operate the restaurant and secure sales and profit. TAPPY, which provides everyone with easy access to delicious beer, is also easy to introduce at small restaurants. It has thus continued to be adopted by more restaurants in Japan since its national launch, exceeding 20,000 locations in just 2.5 years!