Environmental Management System

Environmental management and CSV

The Kirin Group recognizes that addressing climate change and other environmental issues is an important management issue. As such, the Board of Directors or the Group Executive Committee discusses and makes resolutions concerning important issues and targets. The Board of Directors of Kirin Holdings discussed and made resolutions concerning the Kirin Group Environmental Vision 2050, which we announced in 2020.
The Kirin Group engages in environmental management as part of its CSV management system. The Kirin Group has organized material issues, including the environment, as “Kirin Group’s management issues for sustainable growth (Group Materiality Matrix: GMM)”, as part of its commitment to sustainable development in partnership with society. To create shared value with society and promote sustainable growth, in our CSV Purpose developed as the guideline for the Long-Term Management Vision, KV2027, we set our purpose for the environment in line with the Kirin Group Environmental Vision 2050: Enrich the sustainable Earth for future generations through positive impact. In response, Group companies have established CSV Commitments as mid-term targets to achieve our environmental vision and are using them as performance indicators. As we look to achieve our Environmental Vision, Purpose, and Commitment, the Kirin Group will gather the opinions of stakeholders in an appropriate manner, identify and assess the risks and opportunities related to the environmental activities of our businesses, and take necessary action from medium to long-term perspectives.

  • CSV Governance Structure

Environmental management structure

The Kirin Group has defined its environmental management structure in the Principle for Kirin Group’s Global Environmental Management (KGEMP).
Under the KGEMP, a Group general environmental manager has been appointed as the chief executive officer for all Group environmental matters. As of April 2021, this role is held by the Senior Executive Officer of Kirin Holdings Company, Limited with responsibility for CSV strategy. The KGEMP requires the appointment of a general environmental manager, who has responsibility and authority for environmental matters in each operating company. In addition to monitoring to ensure that the company and its constituent companies are conducting their environmental activities appropriately, the general environmental manager conducts management reviews, identifies issues for improvement, and gives necessary directions to the relevant departments. In the event of an environmental crisis, the general environmental manager will have full authority to resolve the crisis. The KGEMP stipulates that each company complies with laws and regulations and other rules relevant to the business’s environmental activities, reduces its environmental load, and prevents pollution under its own environmental management system. Each company will conduct internal environmental audits to ascertain the appropriateness and legal compliance of their systems and confirm how well targets are being met. The results of these audits will then lead into management reviews.
We integrate the management of environment-related processes with company management processes in a manner suited to the companies’ respective regions.
We incorporate CSV goals, including those for the environment, into the goal-setting for each organization and individual, and reflect the degree to which those goals are reached in assessments of the performances of those organizations and individuals.

Environmental audits

Each of the operating companies in the Kirin Group complies with ISO 14001 and other environmental management system standards. Internal auditing is conducted in each business location and constituent company, and the environmental management divisions in the head offices of each Group company conduct auditing of business locations and constituent companies. These audits lead to improvements in the individual companies’ environmental management systems. On an entire Group basis, Kirin Holdings’ CSV Strategy Department conducts environmental audits of each Group company in accordance with criteria established by the Group. We then utilize these audits for management reviews.
In Japan, to guarantee further transparency and independence, we have been contracting an outside consultant to perform a strict environmental legal audit since 2009. By 2014, the consultant had visited all production facilities belonging to Kirin Group companies. Starting in 2015, the consultant embarked on a second round of visits, selecting several sites to visit each year.

Status of compliance with environmental laws and regulations

Each business location is thorough in its management of legal requirements through a ledger, and works exhaustively to prevent environmental pollution by establishing voluntary management targets that are more stringent than those required by the legislation.
We have established a system for the reporting of environmental accidents within the Group, in which we share hiyari-hatto (near-miss) examples and accidents that occurred within the Group and extend countermeasures to other sites. We use internal environmental audits to check the status of initiatives taken toward achieving environmental targets, see how measures to prevent environmental accidents and hiyari-hatto (near-miss) cases are being shared with operating companies and business sites, and confirm the status of legal compliance. The Kirin Group did not violate any environmental laws or regulations in 2020.