Kirin Group's Environmental Vision 2050

Aiming for a Positive Impact

Kirin and its broad stakeholders enrich society and the Earth for future generations through positive impact on people and the environment.

Since the adoption of the Paris Agreement in 2015, many international initiatives such as SBTi and TCFD have started, and global trends related to the environment have changed significantly, including the discussion of marine pollution caused by plastics as a global issue. In scenario analysis based on the TCFD Recommendations, which we have been conducting since 2017, we have seen the enormous scale of the impact of climate change on agricultural products and water resources. We expect that the corporate environmental initiatives will evolve from being self-contained to having a positive impact on wider society. In order to meet these demands from society, the Kirin Group has determined that we must establish a new environmental vision.
Food companies are "canaries in the coal mine" who are quick to realize that the effects of climate change on agricultural raw materials have already become apparent. To reduce negative impacts on natural capital and pass on a sustainable planet to the next generation, it will not be enough just to minimize negative impacts and make our impact neutral. The "positive impact" approach that we have newly introduced in the Kirin Group’s Environmental Vision 2050 represents a further development of our existing holistic approach to the environment. With regard to renewable energy sources, we are committed to "additionality," i.e., contributing to the decarbonization of society by adding and increasing renewable energy in the world, and we aim to build a “society that continuously recycles plastics” by developing our own commercialization techniques for chemical recycling. With regard to natural capital, we aim to be "nature positive," whereby the expansion of our businesses will contribute to the restoration of ecosystems and increase of their services.
Under this new vision, we will broaden our horizons and expand the scope of our efforts from the value chain to wider society. Together with society, especially with the young generation who will lead the future, we will create a prosperous world for the next generation.

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