Implementation of health management

As a company that delivers health to its customers, we will create an environment and opportunities for our employees to actively promote health.

Policy and Strategy

Health and productivity management

As a conglomerate that delivers products and services contributing to consumer health and well-being, the Kirin Group will continue its efforts to create both an environment and opportunities for employees to actively improve their own health and that allow each and every one to enjoy their work. In addition to our customary occupational health and safety activities such as regular health examinations, stress checks, and measures for preventing health issues from working excessive hours, we are implementing measures that go a step further, drawing from our strength as a Group in the health sciences domain.
In 2017, the president & CEO of Kirin Holdings issued Kirin Health Declaration to employees. Our initiatives on this front are focused on four key themes with regard to occupational health and safety and employee healthcare: lifestyle diseases, mental health, workplace environment, and an appropriate relationship with alcohol.
Kirin Group were recognized in the Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management—White 500 list released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) for the 7th consecutive year.

Kirin Health Declaration

To grow together with society in a sustainable manner, the Kirin Group contributes to the resolution of social issues related to health.

As such, the Group places the utmost importance on maintaining the health and happiness of all of its employees so that they can enjoy their work.

In addition to the efforts that Group employees make on their own to maintain their health, Groupwide efforts are being made to go beyond existing frameworks for occupational health and safety to actively provide support for the health and well-being of all employees.

Yoshinori Isozaki
President & CEO of Kirin Holdings
March 2017