Helping to improve the performance of brain function and prevent decline

Through innovative products, we will meet the needs of our customers to prevent the decline of brain functions associated with aging and to improve concentration and performance.


Launch of the world's first β-lactolin (beta-lactolin) series of food with functional claims

Through the development of products using β-lactolin, a proprietary ingredient realized from Kirin's research into brain function that helps maintain memory (cued recall), we will work to solve the social issues.

Brain Research

Dementia is a major social issue for aging societies.
Recent studies have made it clear that lifestyle improvements can prevent and inhibit the progression of disease and extend the healthy lifespan of the brain.

The Discovery of Beta-Lactopeptide, a Functional Ingredient That Improves Cognitive Function

Beta-lactopeptide was discovered in cheese that had been fermented and aged.
It has been shown to activate brain function by acting on the cells and neural circuits of the brain.

Aged Hops

Aged hops have been found to have the effect of improving brain function and reducing body fat.

Supporting self-care for healthy people and people with pre-disease

We are working as a group to support self-care for healthy people and people with pre-disease through supplements, beverages and food.