Creating Shared Value Creating Shared Value

What is CSV?

Creating Shared Value

Creating shared value is the practice of creating economic value in a way that also creates value for society by addressing its needs and challenges as the next driving force for growth.

  • A concept proposed by Professor Michael E. Porter and Mark R. Kramer of Harvard University in 2011.

To achieve the growth with society

Kirin Group will continue to create social and economic value together with all of its stakeholders and work to grow sustainably with society. To achieve this, we will first identify social issues that need to be solved and then address those issues as a group based on a specific action plan.

  • Management Issues for Sustainable Growth ⇒ CSV Purpose ⇒ CSV Commitment

Key Issues addressed by Kirin Group

We have identified the important themes that will enable us to sustainably
exist and grow in the future as a part of society.

  • Management Issues for Sustainable Growth (Group Materiality Matrix) Management Issues for Sustainable Growth (Group Materiality Matrix)

Kirin Group has organized its "Management issues for Sustainable Growth" in the Kirin Group Materiality Matrix with a view to continue developing Sustainably with society in the future.
Based on social issues related to its businesses, the Group designated the fulfillment of its role as a responsible alcohol producer along with health and well-being, community engagement, and the environment as four CSV key issues.

  • Sustainable Development Goals

The CSV key issues that should be addressed by the Kirin Group align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and we support the achievement of those goals.

CSV Purpose

To create value and grow sustainably with society, Kirin Group
established a CSV Purpose corresponding to each of its four CSV
key issues as its Long-Term Management Vision, Kirin Group Vision 2027.

One of the long-term management goals is our “CSV Purpose”— guiding principles aimed at sustainable growth and creating value together with people across society. Going forward, we will continue our work as "responsible alcohol producers" and work to resolve “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment” and in doing so, we will bring joy to society and contribute to a joyful life for our customers.

CSV Purpose

  • CSV Purpose

CSV Commitment

To work toward solving its key CSV issues, Kirin Group establishes
CSV Commitments as a medium-term business plan.

An action plan for CSV key issues is created for each commitment, and each group company is working to grow the business by setting forth specific approaches and indicators for each commitment. *The following table shows an excerpt of some of the initiatives for the commitments.

CSV key issues
CSV Commitment
(in 2024)
A Responsible Alcohol Producer Dealing with alcohol-related problems Participation in and number of views of programs to raise awareness of appropriate drinking Kirin Brewery Cumulative total 750,000
Mercian Cumulative total 7,200
Lion Cumulative total 100,000
Kirin Holdings CSV strategy Dept. Cumulative total 135,000
Health and Well-being Support for maintaining the immune system Recognition rate of the function of Lactococcus lactis strain Plasma Kirin Holdings Health Science business Dept. 45%
Respect for human rights Number of initiated human rights due diligence on supply chains for agricultural products with high human rights risk Kirin Holdings Procurement Dept. 3 cases
The Environment Overcoming climate change GHG (Green House Gas)emission reduction rate: Scope1+2 Kirin Brewery Company 30%(compared with 2019)
Kirin Beverage Company 17%(compared with 2019)
Mercian 25%(compared with 2019)
Lion 35%(compared with 2019)
Kyowa Hakko Bio Company 32%(compared with 2019)
Kyowa Kirin Company 51%(compared with 2019)

Initiatives for four CSV key issues

Kirin Group will continue its work as "responsible alcohol producers" and work to resolve “health and well-being,” “community engagement,” and “the environment” and in doing so, we will bring joy to society and contribute to a joyful life for our customers.

A Responsible Alcohol Producer

Make steady progress toward eradicating the harmful use of alcohol in all countries of operation(Zero Harmful Drinking)

While alcohol can bring joy to people’s lives, it can also harm people’s health if consumed inappropriately.
As a corporate group that produces alcoholic beverages, we are working to resolve alcohol-related problems so that a culture of enjoying alcoholic beverages can be passed down to the next generation.

  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being

A Responsible Alcohol Producer

Health and Well-being

Raise the number of healthy people, lower the number of sick people, and contribute to the people who are involved in healthcare.

We develop safe, secure products in our food and beverages businesses that both taste great and support self-care. We also provide new products and services and new drug creation that leverage the strengths of our pharmaceutical and bio-chemical businesses. Through these actions, we help our customers develop physical and mental health and improve their quality of life.

  • GOAL 2: Zero Hunger
  • GOAL 3: Good Health and Well-being
  • GOAL 9: Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure

Health and Well-being

Community Engagement

Create positive forces for people’s well-being and society by developing communities.

Connecting with other people makes people positive.
That force makes people’s mind and body healthy and creates vitality in society.
The Kirin Group, through its products and services, co-creates a society that connects customers and all people engaged in the value chain with joy, thereby contributing to a developing future.

  • GOAL 2: Zero Hunger
  • GOAL 4: Quality Education
  • GOAL 8: Decent Work and Economic Growth
  • GOAL 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities
  • GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • GOAL 15: Life on Land
  • GOAL 17: Partnerships to achieve the Goal

Community Engagement

The Environment

Enrich a sustainable Earth for future generations through positive impact

As a company that benefits from the many blessings of nature, including water and agricultural products, we recognize that the sustainability of the global environment is essential to ensuring the continuity of our business. By reducing the environmental burden in our value chain through such means as creating eco-friendly containers and packaging and addressing the issue of climate change, we are able to strengthen our business foundation.
Kirin Group Long-Term Environmental Vision, introduced in 2013, we aim to realize a society based on 100% resource circulation by 2050.

  • GOAL 2: Zero Hunger
  • GOAL 4: Quality Education
  • GOAL 6: Clean Water and Sanitation
  • GOAL 7: Affordable and Clean Energy
  • GOAL 12: Responsible Consumption and Production
  • GOAL 13: Climate Action
  • GOAL 14: Life Below Water
  • GOAL 15: Life on Land

The Environment

Other material agenda and governance

Kirin Group will build a foundation to promote activities for the four priority issues of the “CSV Purpose”.
We will bring joy to society by addressing the 11 issues.

Other material agenda and governance

Value Creation Story

The Kirin appears as a prelude to joyous times to come

Kirin Group is working to solve a wide range of social issues around the world.
The following introduces the "value creation" story from the perspective of several fields.

Value Creation Model